1-24-09 Denjin Arcade $1 Tournaments

This Saturday, I’ll host $1 tournaments for the following games:

3rd Strike
Street Fighter 4

8 players minimum to begin the tournament
$1 Entry Fee, Winner take all
1 game, single elimination
Rounds will be set 3 out of 5 (except for CvS2)
One character / team only

Sign ups start at 6pm
Tournament starts at 7pm

I can also run other games such as ST, GGAC, A3, if theres enuff players

I’ll be messing around with the video feed for 3s & CvS2

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 9306

See ya soon! :wink:

Haven’t seen a BlazBlu tournament yet, so I’ll try to record those matches.


I’ll play 3s, and maybe cvs2

I’ll be there for BlazBlue, 3s, SF4 and Guilty if it is run.

ill try to go. if i do ill be there for 3s and sf4. i suck at 3s but hey keeperjin is fun!:wgrin:

Might show up for a bit.

ill be there for all games!

^ what a baller! haha. my plans were dropped so ill be down there once a car is available for me to use.

so is there a tournament this weekend? a dollar one i mean

check stickies.

and the answer is yes.