1/17 Gameclucks Street Fighter 4 Tournament

Mor Bison will be running this tournament. She is the law, and rules with a purple fist.

**Who: **
You. Your friends. Elias the Highest.

Doubles and Singles, respectively.
5$ entry with a 1$ house cut. (get over it or don’t show, bitch and Mor will eat you.)

1pm start time, shop closes up at 9pm.

Gameclucks in Lynnwood

Good question. Probably so that we can all pretend we’re good at something.

Well this sucks…I’m not gonna be able to make it because I’ll be enjoying my primary winter hobby in Idaho…we should do this more often (GC willingly) this is what first got me into SF4…gettin scraped at GC.

may be coming out this.

lol at your sig carlos. it should be (fuck delucifer)

LOL Hell Yes good shit posting Dug! Everybody needs to go :bgrin:

I’d make it if I could but I work Sundays, hope it goes well.


i want to show but im not off work technically till 2. i asked a co-worker to come in as early as possible to cover…

@riki-oh, is it ok to show a little late and still participate? no worries either way… i dont mind watching lol. should i bring my te? or anything else you need that i might have…

Not sure how important it is to be on time today, but if you are planning to come go ahead and bring your stick. I think it will be on 360

will do. thanks for the info.

Sorry I couldn’t make it. Hope the tournament goes great, and I’ll be watching the stream to see if there is any SF4.

Singles and Doubles were fun, I dont think anything got put on the stream though. More people should come out for this, there are plenty of setups.

Yeah GC isn’t so bad. I didn’t get a chance to go though because I didn’t know about it lol how come no one told me???

How come you didn’t check the boards? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yea, the venue is great in terms of room to play, tv’s abundant. If people wanted to try (again) at a monthly or recurring tournament let me…actually no, let Eman know. I nominate.

I could make it on a Friday or Saturday, but never a Sunday. :\

I talk to Chris every Monday. I can talk to him and start a thread if you’d like. Also I’ve been working so much so I didn’t check the boards / TWARS / do anything lol

It’s not like friday and saturday don’t always have SF events as it is. :bgrin: