1/16 MVC2/3S Results @ The Break!

I wasn’t gonna have MVC2 then bunch of MVC2 people showed up and was just Ryo for 3S so I decided to have MVC2 - then a bunch of 3S people show up so just had both


  1. Justin Wong
  2. Vince
  3. Shawn Morgan
  4. Ed
    5a. Steve “White guy” Smith
    5b. Robert “other white guy” Sigley
  5. Justo
  6. Al
  7. Dave Turner
  8. Nightmare James (why did you get so angry and punch the machine i was like wtf :O)
  9. Trent
  10. Scott
  11. Phi
  12. Alex Monin


  1. Flash
  2. Ryo Cho
  3. Dave Turner
  4. Vince (had to forfeit bc he was holding up everything by winning so much in MVC2)
  5. Angel
  6. Marco
  7. Al
  8. Phi
  9. Steve
  10. John V
  11. Robert S

i’ll update with characters tomorrow i got a headache now haha

Wait up a sec here… Vince? 2nd place? Those two things don’t ever get tied together… Don’t get me wrong, Vince has his skillage and all, but he never gets higher than 5th. It’s in his genetics…


…Vince? 2nd place? wtf lololol

See you tomorrow bro. :slight_smile:

mvc2 teams used? please.

Here’s team’s used - there’s also videos on Vine vs JWong floating around (including exciting Double KO!! haha), gotta talk to Circuit City Justin and get them from him to host. Vince did good he even beat JWong one match and beat Shawn in the loser finals


  1. Justin Wong - Commando/Cable/Sent (in that order), Team JWong (Mag/Cable/Sent-A)
  2. Vince - Team JWong
  3. Shawn Morgan - MS^2, Sent/Storm/The Captain
  4. Ed - random characters that shouldn’t work together, together
    5a. Steve “White guy” Smith - IM/WM/Sent
    5b. Robert “other white guy” Sigley - MSP, Scrub (i suck so bad! with scrub)
  5. Justo - storm/cable/the captain
  6. Al - i dunno
  7. Dave Turner - mag/sent/gief (spinning in circles)
  8. Nightmare James (why did you get so angry and punch the machine i was like wtf :O) - megaman/cable/the captain or ken or cyclops
  9. Trent - MSP
  10. Scott - i dunno
  11. Phi - Sent/Cable/does it matter??
  12. Alex Monin - Team Jesus


  1. Flash - Ken in finals, someone else
  2. Ryo Cho - Ken in finals, someone else prolly Makoto
  3. Dave Turner - Urien
  4. Vince (had to forfeit bc he was holding up everything by winning so much in MVC2) - Q
  5. Angel - Ken, Ibuki
  6. Marco - Alex
  7. Al - ?
  8. Phi - phi plays this??
  9. Steve - ??
  10. John V - ??
  11. Robert S - Sean

g’yea!..Shawn you want some momre of this taunt…taunt…tag-out infinite ; )…and Charcoalsydephill had the best idea…we should put nightmares face on a milk carton…he’s not comming back it seems:lol:

N-N-N-Nightmare James!

Shit. I missed it… Give me all the details via: IM. BTW, I knew it was going to be MvC2.

Dude, that’s Kei’s line. Nobody does it better.

that link says the server is forbidden

whoa was i NOT as this tourney!?!

its all good i seen how crazy the bracket was…but seriously…

has anyone seen NIGHTMARE JAMES!?!

whoops you got 7th i knew something was wrong i dunno why i didn’t write your name down for mvc2 my bad

al got 9th you tied for 7th with justo


Video link no work??

am i too late??

if it still doesn’t work hit me up on aim and ill send it, i have some others too. sn: docnirvana

Team JWong?
that’s what the team is called now?

wait somebody explain what happened with nightmare james

Re: Re: 1/16 MVC2/3S Results @ The Break!!

he plays it better than anyone else so it should be his

fears team Jwong
That team is tooooooooooo goooooooooooooood. I play that team thanks to Justin

llllllllllllets just say i cheat as bad as everyone says i do in marvel…

who are you? i just wanted to know what happened to nightmare james

ok, i shared the folder with all the videos i shot on aim. ill leave it up till monday.