1/15/2005 Seattle Lanwerx MvC2, CFJ, CvS2, 3S, and T5 results!

Marvel vs Capcom 2, 24 people

1st-Jason Mar “hairymaster”- Magneto/Storm/Sentinel
2nd-Rattana Phanthourath- Magneto/Storm/Psylocke, I’m sure he used something else but this is what I saw.
3rd-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”- Magneto/Cable/Sentinel
4th-Evan Wenzel “Rairu”- Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops
5th-Mark Santos “Guahcsta”- Magneto/Cable/Sentinel
5th-Nolan Deits “Nolander”- Sentinel/Storm/Commando, I think that’s what I heard he picked =/.
7th-Quentin Crooks- Sentinel/Cable/Commando
7th-Ian T. “shwoken!”- Not too sure what this guy used, sorry Ian.

Comments-Rat was going crazy, knocking Jason and Row into the losers. Jason came back to win the finals, 4-1, 4-1 (?). I’m not exactly sure, I got there during the middle of the finals. I’m liking the amount of Team Row usage that’s fuckin tight. I wish I coulda attended!!!:sad: Congrats to the top placers! :clap:

Capcom vs SNK 2, 13 people. I know you wish you were there! Don’t lie. I don’t know the teams used because I really can’t stand CvS2 but it ended hella fast due to the lack of participants. Nevertheless good job to the competitors!

1st-John Michael "lifetimeboy"
2nd-Ian T. "shwoken!"
3rd-Chris Calas "Red Bull"
4th-Joseph Tovar "All Max"
5th-James Siew "Peachy"
5th-Trinh Nguyen but Rodolfo eventually took over for him
7th-John Mooring, LMAO!
7th-Jetay Barber “raishinken”


3rd Strike results, 15 people.

1st-John Michael “lifetimeboy”- Ken III
2nd-Josh Rey- Elena II, Chun II
3rd-Jason Miu “Jason”- Q I and II, Alex III
4th-Jetay Barber “raishinken”- Chun II
5th-John Mooring, LMAO- Hugo III, Oro II, Dudley I
5th-Jesse Albert “JAlbert”- Dudley III, Ken III
7th-Jerry B- Ryu III
7th-RGB-Remy I and II

Comments- I wanna take this opportunity to say that I find it ugly when people make sign on names at SRK using just their first names. I mean it is their choice of what their name is gonna be but come on. Do you think it’d look cool if I came on SRK tomorrow as “Mandel”? No you wouldn’t cause that’s nasty. Also, Alex III is gross. Nevertheless congrats!

Capcom Fighting Jam results, 12 people

1st-Ian T. "shwoken!"
2nd-James Siew "Peachy"
3rd-John Michael "lifetimeboy"
4th-Kyle Chow "kchow_xlr8"
5th-Devin Chesser "jae hoon"
5th-Trace Prewitt "ICD-3"
7th-Chris Calas "Red Bull"
7th-Khoe Nguyen

Comments-Only thing I can say about this tourney is that I looked in the theater room and saw someone using Ingrid. Dunno who it was though =/. Good job fellas.

(Last but certainly not least) Tekken 5 results, 31 people

1st-Paris Conway “mkpTheEnhancer”- Nina, Julia
2nd-Jesse Stafford “Super Joe”- King
3rd-Robert Plummer “Zigmover21”- Marduk
4th-Eddie “Tekken Kids”- Baek, Bryan
5th-Ric “SLA” ENDERWIGGIN to you SRK heads- Yoshi, Feng
5th-Eugene “Cheezy”- Kazuya, Hwoarang
7th-Jon Winkler “Gojira”- Feng
7th-Andrew “Durty Drew”- King, Law

Comments-The Marvel Killah Paris was enhancin yet again and wins his 2nd Kicks tourney in a row 4-0 in the finals. Nice shit man, tough finals to watch cause I wanted to root for both you guys but yea there has to be one winner so whatever. Super Joe decided he was gonna beast for once since he’s the “King of Unsafe Moves” hahaha! Good job you pussy. Robert “NO-THING TRACKS!” Plummer had an incredibly epic game with Ric. Winning by a sliver in the final round of the final game with a jackhammer grab. Heard you ate up losers, good shit. Congrats to all the top placers!

Last thoughts-Thanks to everyone for attending, especially the out of towners. You guys make things interesting, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise straight up. To the three people that cared, I’m sorry yet again that I could not attend (on time anyway). I had a couple different teams up my sleeve for the Marvel tourney but alas I couldn’t enter. Jetay, next time you come up I’ll play you in Tekken, promise. Someone was recording, not sure if any vids will be going up though.

MONIE IN THE MIDDLE was reppin today hella ff +3 4 3’s against the wall today! also Trace beat my ass

Stop beasting Paris, this guy’s a killer.

I want Nolan in MvC2 next month, our matches were way too close.
And he ended up getting 5th, damnit.

i’m down for that ass saige… good stouffers, bringing your gf along to cheer you on.

edit: oh yeah and mandel, i used MSS most of the tourney, just storm/sent/capcom on jason.

I don’t bring her, she wants to come. :slight_smile:

Good stuff, all. I captured about 2 hours of footage, including Winner’s Finals of Third Strike. No CvS2 nor CFJ/E footage was recorded, but Zig did capture a bunch of T5. (Rob: your tripod is in the lost-and-found at LanWerx.)

Nolan, your Captain Commando rampage against JMar was unbelievable. Fucking Storm betrayed you in that last match.

Rattana was playing out of his mind. The match that JMar double-snapped Rat to kill his Sentinel, and yet Rat managed the Storm/Mag comeback: I was standing there watching thinking I don’t know if I’ve seen a better Mag/Storm. Old school beatdown. Nice.

I think I’ve finally turned a little corner in my Marvel play (at this late stage) and will probably start playing a non-Tron team more often when I get counter-teamed. It’s too easy to beat Tron playing very specific patterns, so I’ll adapt. We’ll see how it goes next tourney - losing to Rat and losing to Q (2-1) was respectable, but I still have the feeling that if I’d counter-teamed in turn against Q, I should have been able to pull that out. =\ Lesson learned.

For those that asked: JMar and I played our “Master of Servbot” match last week. He won the first game, and I managed to pull off the next two for the 2-1 victory.

thanks to everyone who came out for this tournament.

Damn me and Chris had some hella good matches today, probably some of the best of the day. Its a shame our CvS2 match wasnt taped it was fucking classic imo.

Good shit everyone.

Footage from tape 3:

I did record the buff ass match where it took a beastly comeback from JMar in game 1 to not lose to Evan (it ended up being 2-1) - that’s on tape 1, and I think was their showdown in the winner’s bracket. I’m not sure if I got Nolan vs JMar, which was another squeaker. I’m posting up tape 3 footage tonight, and will encode and post tape 1 and 2 tomorrow or when I have time. :smile: Note that by request I got a fair amount more “low tier” aka crappy footage, but I also tried making sure I got a bunch of the good matchups. I’m going to ban the chair between cabinets next time, as that kinda made it hard to play and record at the same time. :smile: As always, just let me know if you want your matches taped - I’l try to remember to tape more of Dave’s matches next time. Sorry about that. :smile:

Zach-Uhm, that’s not my tripod, it’s Mike Avery’s. I handed it to him before I left. Did he leave it there or something?

Zach, you got my matches against Nolan? I want to see those, and Zig, give your footage to Zach so those get online, I really want to see my matches against Jeff.

Edit: The Rattana vs. Row link is messed up, it’s got an extra " in there.

No respect.

Z: I guess he left it there, right.

Saige: matches from tape 1 are:

I just found a third tape (chronological tape 2) I used - I had forgotten about it. It’s got another hour of footage that are all tourney matches, including the 3rd Strike Winner’s Finals (I was wondering where those had gotten…).

From tape 2:

If I don’t have the matches you want: ask me to tape you next time. Taping stuff and trying to track down people at the same time leaves me scatterbrained half the day. Basically, if I’m around the camera when the match starts and the camera is on, I’ll tape it. :smile: I’m going to work on setting up remote control on my video camera next time so that I don’t have to run through people to get to the camera. =\

EDIT: Updated with actual recorded match names now that I have them.

DAMN ME and my non blocking skills, GEIF is to fucking strong, 360 that sucka, Good shit 2 everybody. Mandel we are gonna have some matches in T5, but it would be sooner if yall niggas came down here, then everybody envolved in the battle of the buffiest black guy can be there. Man that shit was 2 good.

any cvs2 matches?


For the people that were asking about APEX:

I tried putting up APEX three different times for Marvel the other night and it wasn’t working. At first when I was doing the APEX, I was like man were gonna be the first people to be doing APEX in like two months. But when it wasn’t working it struck me, that maybe that’s why there haven’t been tourneys reported since November.

Also, since the people that were asking me about APEX most likely won’t be checking this thread, it probably means that I made this post for no real reason. Meaning when I see them in person, I’ll have to explain myself yet again. :tdown:

You aint got to explain shit mandel. Keep it real!

Co Sign with Shwoken