1/13 Cal Poly GRE Fighting Game Carnival results


  1. Pyrolee
  2. Ken
  3. Ryan
  4. Allen
  5. Christian
  6. Anthony
  7. Nick
  8. JR
  9. Michael
  10. Kyle
  11. Eddie
  12. All
  13. Will


  1. Ace
  2. Nick
  3. Duc Jr
  4. Bryan
  5. Ricky
  6. Jeremy
  7. Daniel
  8. Ray


  1. Minh
  2. Lewis
  3. Walter
  4. Aren
  5. Daniel
  6. Ray
  7. Ricky
  8. Daysmel

I just want to thank again all those who came out for this tourney despite it being announced relatively late. I apologize for the delay in getting the tournament started, and I thank you guys for your patience. We definitely enjoyed running this tourney, and we are looking forward to hosting another one in April. We want the next to be bigger, so we’re looking for any feedback from everybody. We’re definitely gonna try hosting it on a Saturday. We’ll try and persuade our vendor to set the tournament games on free play. We’re also planning to add Tekken 5.1 and KoF XI. If any of you guys who came today saw any games in here you would like in the competition like MvC, SSF2T, or XvSF (with one joystick), tell us. Just post comments here or e-mail us at gre_tourneys@hotmail.com

Oh yeah, congrats to the champs.

Edit: Damn, looks like Reset be me to it…


Pretty good turnout IMO. Thanks to Marc and his kickass shirt from the Games Room for hosting it, I had a good time. :lovin:

Thanks also to everybody that is not a Cal Poly student that took the time to come down, and props to the Cal Poly 3s regulars who entered and didn’t pussy out, and didn’t let a little thing like class or work stop them. :rofl: Overall, a good time, really looking forward to the next one.

oh how i wish i could have made that tourney. got into an argument with the moms though and unfortunately i was stopped at the very last minute from attending. :wasted:

gg’s all… it was nice that they got the mvc2 cab fixed… please add SSF2t for next tourney

best mvc2 match reset vs evilj 1st round. bastard

gg’s to everyone in 3rd strike, i didn’t choke as bad as i thought haha.

And i gotta learn ST.

Good shit Ace.

And yeah, throw one for ST and I’ll be there next time.

wow good shit everyone


O.C.K - Nice quote.


why do i always see pyrolee when other people are using their real names. this guys name cannot possibly be pyrolee.

Hey I live in Arcadia too.

Nice tournament Marc. It’d be nice if it were free play but a quarter per match is fine if it isn’t available. Add ST!

cvs2 shit was good for me marvel i did shitty in damn that 1p side fuck it other then that it was fun! looking forward to april =P