1/08/2011 The Caroline Rose Hummel Memorial Tournament and Fundraiser. Richmond, VA

Hello all, we’ve finally ironed out the date for the memorial tournament.

For those of you that haven’t read the thread:


Caroline Rose, Moose’s daughter, passed away of SIDS at 2 months old. This tournament is a way of showing support to our own in times of tragedy. I know SRK can step it up, we’re family here.

In lieu of any venue fees, we will be accepting donations for moose’s family to help as well as donations for SIDS.org to help fund research to find a cure.

Moose and his wife Amanda met because of videogames and enjoy playing together, so they both found it fitting that we enjoy some great games in their daughter’s honor.

**The location will be at Strange Matter.

The address is 929 West Grace Street, Richmond VA 23200

The tournament will start at 2pm**

For those who haven’t been there, Strange Matter is a Restaurant/Venue/Arcade right next to VCU’s campus. It’s pretty awesome.

Parking is an interesting event most of the time, but with school on break and being a saturday, shouldn’t be too much an issue. There is street parking, deck parking on harrison and schafer (between grace and broad), and lot parking next to SM for 6$.

The main Tournament will be SSFIV. It will be run primarily on Xbox console, with one or two PS3 setups available if both competitors agree.

The tourney fee for it is 10$, that will go to the prize money.

We humbly request that you make a donation on top.

Other games will be run as well:

They will all be donation based tournaments.

You can pay whatever amount you wish to enter, and half will be donated to Moose’s Family and SIDS.org. The other half will go to the winners of the tournament.

The only catch is that the due to only one cabinet per game, the entrants will be capped at 16, with only the 16 highest donations participating. All others will be given the option to donate or receive a refund. This won’t be a hard cap with me turning away solo 3S players from GA or something, but a general guideline.

These games will be:

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (Arcade Cabinet) (US Sticks Comp Buttons)

Super Turbo (Arcade Cabinet) (US Sticks, Comp Buttons)

Capcom vs SNK 2 (Arcade Cabinet) (360 Sticks, tbd. Comp Buttons)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Arcade Cabinet) (US Sticks Comp Buttons)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade Cabinet) (US Sticks Comp Buttons)

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X (Arcade Cabinet) (US Sticks Comp Buttons)

Vampire Savior (Arcade Cabinet) (US Sticks Comp Buttons)

Blazblue: CS (Xbox360)

Tekken6 (PS3)

I will also include almost any other tournaments as long as their are 4 people interested in participating.

**There will also be a SSFIV character auction tournament.
**It will be single elim, single match.
Half of the proceeds will be donated.

The process is that we go through the cast of SFIV, each character getting only one space in the tournament. Selecting that character however, will be up for auction! Highest bidder gets that character. If you are a specialist, prepare to bid! Perfect to show off that sweet side character you’ve been working on.

Ok. That’s a lot of events to run. I’ll luckily be assisted with services and equipment from Havitz, who’ll be running a tournament at the End Game Center in Charlottesville, VA on 12/18. Any other volunteers to run brackets or report matches are very welcome.

Thanks so much for your support!

If you’re a friend of Moose’s, an online competitor, or simply want to extend a compassionate hand, but can’t make this tourney, you can:

A) Make a donation to Sids.org in the name of Caroline Rose Hummel
B) In leiu of flowers, you can make a paypal donation directly to the family to help @ moosehummel@hotmail.com

Thanks everyone

I’m there! Will help as much as I can.

I’ll be coming up for this.

I’m there and will help with the running of the brackets if you need me.

Whoever Auctions out Balrog for the character tourney better make me proud lol!! I might do it for 100 bucks and if I win just donate it to SIDS. But hell more power to anyone wanting to bid more!

I am going to make this. See you cats there now I need to train up.

I’m there and bringing a setup. If you need help running some of the brackets, just let me know.

Cville will show our support. I’ll make sure everyone knows about this.

I’ll be there. Gotta support one another in this world.

I’ll bring the usual shit. Xbox 360, SSF4, BB:CS, and if anyone wants to play them, I’ve got NGBC and KOF 02 UM on my hard drive.

Also bringing my laptop for general poverty including but not limited to Jackie Chan and TMNT: Tournament Fighters.


That soooooooo makes up for me not being able to bust out AH3 due to it not being out by then.

I might bid on Makoto as well but yall can have your rog lol

I’ll be going to show support.

(not like it matters, but those are seimitsu buttons in the puzzle fighter cab, not competitions. Maybe the other cabs should follow suit)

i will be there.

There. Might mos def bid for that Ryu. Semester’s about to wind down, I actually have time to play now. =D

Heh, I hope there aren’t too many people clamoring for Zangief/Rose.

Although I wonder who i’d have better luck with…

I don’t know… Rose is kinda gold right now. Folks are gonna be milking her while they still can…

Flash Metroid replied yes on the facebook thread that would be very hype if he came. I would be guessing viper would be off limits

ill be there for sure with 2 setups…one xbox and one ps3…oh man can I get a gouken for a $1!!! that auction toureny sounds cool as shit!! This is all for you moose!!! we might even let you win!!! (like I could even beat u in tournament anyway T_T)

I’m planning on making it out to this. Much respect for getting it together. I can bring a setup if needed(xbox360)

bump for 2 weeks to go.

what you showing up?