05/30/09 - Portland OR - PSU Random Select : Spring Showdown

Placeholder for Portland Tournament. Going to hype up NWR!

Standard double elim
$10 per game

Confirmed Games
Street Fighter 4 (PS3)
Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (PS3)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Marvel VS Capcom 2

Other games are TBA depending on interest.

11:00 AM - Open / Registration
12:00 PM - GGXX AC
02:00 PM - Marvel 2 / HD Remix
04:00 PM - Street Fighter 4

Probably will allow for a 15 minute break before SF4 and schedule to change depending on how fast things are going.

Got the Date and Place

Portland State University Smith Memorial Service Union
1825 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97201
Room 397/398

we are in hoffman? I wonder if we can link up into the giant projector. haha. That thing is enormous.

Yup, I believe that is the case.
I wanted to do a quick tour to work out the logistics and room layout. We can do some pretty awesome stuff with the projectors.

I’m interested! Let’s get it! NORF NORFWEST!

Oh man you just gave me a really great idea for the poster for this. Nice. NXNW like SXSW. Or maybe like the hitchcock movie. Nice.

I will be saving this date.

I’m gonna have to pick up Accent Core (planning on using the Plus version that released recently?) to get working on that… who knows what carries over well from #Reload… and I figure it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to which version to practice on.

If youre in Vancouver you should head down to Portland State Uni for the weeklies, its pretty much dominated by SF4 for now, but we can get you on track for AC, no prob!

Let’s get the hype flowing.

I’d host Naruto EX3 on Wii if there were anyone NxNW who plays this game.

anyway, I’ve got a Wii that can play Japanese games if anyone wants to bring another copy of Tatsunoko.


I’d learn EX3. I love me some Naruto.

I have Tatsunoko on order from Play-Asia. I’d take it with me if there’s a desire for it.

Marvel? If there’s Marvel, I’ll be there to give my money away. Pablo, will the minority van ride again? What’s the parking situation like? I ask because the venue has changed.

The new location is just a short walk from the old location. It’s just another building on campus. Thus the parking situation is the same (unless you can park in the parking structure on that side of campus, not sure what the policy about that is.)

Yeah we can go, but marvel is of the utmost importance. I would still be down for SFIV and Remix. Should be good.

Its on a Saturday so you should park in Parking structure 3 which is very close to there and I think its like 7 bucks all day or something.

This still happening?

damn I forgot all about this. Please say it’s happening!

BBH sounds hungry but El Fuerte decides who gets to eat. EL FUERTEEEEEEE

I’m just not as on top of things as I could be. Sam - as the consultant to all the technical stuff like recording - did you still want to see the setup for Hoffman?

They also limited our TVs down by -2. So were down to 6 total. I’ll bring some in from home. Schedule will be posted up soon. I’m gonna rip from last ones. Pretty much stuff starts after 12.

SF4, HD:R, Marvel, GGXX AC.
Theres a smash tourney on the 23rd, so none of that here.

Wait who down there is playing Fuerte? We need some Fuerte mirrors. God what a nasty matchup, it’s hilarious. :rofl: probably the most entertaining & frustrating match in the game


My birthday =) but I have other plans =( horrible timing

Oh wow, I would love to be part of this, but my skills are totally out of whack lately… hell all I’ve been playing is KOF98UM and SamShoA lately.