04/17/09 SF4 (360) Tournament @ Play-N-Trade Miramar, Florida

When: April 17th, 2009
Where: Play-N-Trade @ 14623 Miramar Parkway, , Miramar, Florida, 33027, United States of America
Entry Fee: $5.00
Reward: 75% of pot received in store credit

For example if 50 people join, the pot will be $250, for which the winner would receive $187.50 in store credit.

No character bans

For more information, contact Jose @ (954) 512-3305
or you can directly call the store @ (954) 430-8585

BTW, my aim is jvictoria11 for those with aim

ROFL @ Store credit!

Sup with these people robbing us around here!

What is this?

Wow, talk about ridiculous so I can give you a 5 dollar gift card and join the tournament or a number 1 value meal? It’s the same thing.I may be old fashioned but if you pay cash to compete in a tournament you should get a cash prize.That’s how I roll.

Agreed. Cash for cash. The vets aren’t going to take this kind of tourney seriously with those prizes.

Also First, Second and Third should get prizes.

What system is this on?

Can you bring your own controlller?

Time (since it’s on a Friday)?


What he said :looney:

System: XBOX 360

You can BYOC

it’s at 7:00 pm