04/10 Queens/Long Island/Nassau/Suffolk Tenba Gaming Crack Session 5$ Venue ALL DAY

Tenba Gaming
941 Hempstead Turnpike
Franklin Square, NY 11010

$5 dollars for the day, play competition from all over the area
Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs Capcom 3, HDR, 3rd Strike, MVC2, etc.

This is being done to see about what the demand is for weekly/bi-weekly tournaments are.

Get out and support the community guys! Just post if you are interested in coming.
Get out here and support, if this goes well, we this will definitely be a place interested in hosting tournaments.

Bumping up, come on tri state lets get 60 head to this event. I’ll even organized tournament with prize money if there is enough of a demand.

TODAY SON! You all ready to get that barefoot overhead from the spider queen?

Thanks guy. Showed up for nothing. The hell?

i just got there…was running a little late

the session is on

i just heard that you walked in early, but the guy knew nothing about it

ill speak to the owner to make sure that doesnt happen again, but come back out if you can

great sessions today, had alot of fun with kail, and dommie stay tuned for updates on temba

Im in the elmont area…but I wonder if this is still going on. I’d appreciate some feedback cuz I’m interested.


Calling out all of ny :slight_smile:
Hope some of u guys can make it

What’s up guys!!! Anyone still attending these events? I am down to play casuals…I’m not the best but i need a local group to get better with…reply ASAP if possible. Thanks :smiley: