03/21 Seattle MvC2, ST, VF5 results

MvC2, 17 people

1-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel +10
2-Jason Mar-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel, Sentinel/Storm/Commando +7
3-Danny Hwang “dann”-Magneto/Storm or Cable/Sentinel +5
4-Zach Robinson “Preppy”-Mega Man/Cable/Tron +3
5-Rattana Phanthourath-Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops +1
5-Sam Yatchmenoff “Fatbear”-Storm/Sentinel/Commando +1
7-Keith Huang “doughboy”-Storm/Sentinel/Cable
7-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel

ST, 16 people

1-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Chun Li +10
2-Nate Montes “XTG”-Zangief, T.Hawk +7
3-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-Balrog/BOXER, Ken +5
4-Jamie Fry “Kuenai”-Chun Li +3
5-Danny Hwang “dann”-Bison/DICTATOR +1
5-Pablo Basilio “Pablo_the_Mex”-Zangief +1
7-Alex Kelly “Axel Kelly”-Guile
7-Sam Yatchmenoff “Fatbear”-Ken

VF, 11 people

1-Mike Femto “WasFemto”-El Blaze +10
2-Frank Caraan “Frankdadank”-Eileen +7
3-Clayton “Sorias”-Aoi +5
4-Ryan Loop-Jacky +3
5-Jamie Fry “Kuenai”-Eileen +1
5-Paul Lee “Mynameispaullee”-Dunno who he played +1
7-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-El Blaze
7-Sam Yatchmenoff “Fatbear”-Dunno who he played either

Point totals…

Jason Mar-34 pts
Rodolfo Castro-30 pts
Danny Hwang-22 pts
Zach Robinson-15 pts
Mandel Scott-13 pts
Nolan Deits-8 pts
Lawrence Nath-3 pts
Evan Wenzel-3 pts
Kyle Chow-2 pts
Rattana Phanthourath-1 pt
Ian T.-1 pt
Brian Ma-1 pt
Steven La-1 pt
Sam Yatchmenoff-1 pt

Mandel Scott-42 pts
Julien Beasley-27 pts
Alex Kelly-24 pts
Julian Blake-22 pts
XTG-16 pts
Keith Huang-7 pts
Iizuka Yosuke-7 pts
Pablo Basilio-5 pts
Jamie Fry-3 pts
Ondrej Lang-3 pts
Josh Rey-3 pts
Dan Hwang-3 pts
Eddie Ignacio-1 pt
Vetaire Graham-1 pt

Frank Caraan-24 pts
Clayton-20 pts
Mike Femto-16 pts
Ryan Loop-14 pts
Robert Plummer-10 pts
Rob-7 pts
Ed-7 pts
Sean-3 pts
Jamie-1 pt
Paul Lee-1 pt
Kenny Clark-1 pt
Jetay Barber-1 pt
Mike B-1 pt
Zach Robinson-1 pt

-Thanks again as always to Zach.
-Row beat Jason 4-3 in the finals.
-Dan yet again, getting third place. Incredible.
-I can’t beat Zach anymore.
-Some people ran a Brawl team tourney, dunno the results for that. Don’t really care either lol.

Did anyone record this? I’d love to see some new Row stuff.

Jamie’s last name is Fry.

This was an awesome tourney. Props to Nate, this time his cheap 50% damage facebites with zangief wasn’t a stupid ass walk up one that killed me and won him the match, he beat me hella legit this time. I need a new plan like Bruce Wayne for both Nate and Mandel now, because I KNOW I have a chance at winning this whole thing if Beaseley doesn’t show up… no disrespect to any other players.

My notes from this tourney:

-I am more motivated than ever at this point. I am no longer losing stupidly or to random people anymore, and when I lose I actually get outplayed instead of playing myself. That’s a lot better than I was doing even two months ago.

-I really need to practice VF5 with more than just El Blaze, which I’ll be doing at Femto’s now that he has two sticks. :tup:

-Great to see Keith back.

-Axel didn’t win the tourney as promised. Ideally Axel would get a really hard bracket next time with first round against Beaseley and then Mandel, beast them both to the loser’s, and then play me and I somehow win, and cruise to a comfy third place for the FOURTH time in a row, TIIIIGHT.

-Surprised Jamie got so far, did he actually get TWO byes, I am confused?

-NO DAVID ALVEREZ WTF?!?!?! BTW DAWOLF, you still have a free entry to the next Mikado when we run it.

-I actually (on accident) used a glitch with N. Ken on Nate. If you do his super on the reversal frame, as a bug the game actually executes the last special move that you did instead. Because the last move I did was an air hurricane kick, when Nate tried to throw me on me waking up, I air-hurricane kicked him from the standing position… it’s hard to describe, you will just have to see the video. I usually try to time my wakeup super to punish a mis-timed meaty so that it comes out the frame after a true reversal would be done… and this time I got lucky I guess. Still lost though.

Thanks for taking the time to put these up Mandel. I wanted to get there in time to watch the finals. :confused:

Next time it’s on.

Random- Both Alan and David were at Gameworks on thursday, playing marvel for the first time in like a year (and Alan was beasting). They said they may come to a tournament because they want to see how good Dan got.


Zach is awesome as always for hosting a wonderful event. And our casual matches can go on ALL DAY.

In just a few months’ Sam Y got a LOT better at Marvel; I almost lost to him twice. :tup:

^-- our tourney match was pretty epic too. I wish they showed you the life bar tallies, because I couldn’t have told you who had more life in our 3rd match. =)

I taped grand finals only, hand-held again. I’m kind of waiting on my new encoding PC to be delivered, plus kind of need a new hard drive for my site since it’s pretty much full.

I think I played mostly better when I was angry. Rushdown Megaman was more fun, anyways. 40 straight casual wins with that team was at least pretty amusing. I’ll try to figure out how I did those new tricks I pulled off - the throw + buster combo looks wacky as hell.

It was pretty weird facing off every old school Seattle Marvel player except for Evan in losers.

The right cabinet’s sticks are tight now, and after Dan, Brian, and I played casuals until maybe 10am in the morning (zzzzz), the MAS sticks are actually feeling a lot better now too.

Why won’t you accept my friend request on ps3 sir?:shake::confused:


Man, my brackets were nasty in ST; Nate, Elias, and then Alex?

But hey I did pretty well in VF I thought I was going out when I met up against SamY! LOL

Oh well watch the vids for some E.Honda stupidity from me!

Damn Pablo you better get Yosuke next time :rofl: