03/20 Seattle SFIV results

29 people

t 1-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Chun Li
t 1-Jason Nelson “Thefuture”-Honda, Rufus
3-James Siew “Peachy”-Blanka
4-Mickey Davis “Mickey D”-Ryu
5-Ian T “Shwoken”-Ryu, Bison
5-Mark Santos “Guahcsta”-Zangief
7-Jason Cole “A-Dhalsim”-Dhalsim, Balrog
7-Frank Caraan “Frankdadank”-Bison

Random comments

-Thanks to Zach as always. Now that I think about it, I left my Silver Standard cd over there. Damnit. Also I would like to thank Zach again for playing the Akira soundtrack during the tournament. Shit is sick hahah.

-Jason and I ended up playing one finals set and we agreed to split the pot and tie for first if I ended up winning as the tourney hadn’t ended by like 5am.

-We had a lot of crazy matches early on in the tourney (Cole vs Row, Cole vs JMar, Mark vs Kyle). Rat, Row, JMar, and Kyle all tied for ninth.

-Me, Cole, and Mickey D all hit losers relatively early. Gettin ganked in SFIV by the Marvel peeps. I lost to Ian, Cole lost to Kyle, and Mickey lost to JMar.

-I got ridiculously lucky against Cole in the losers.

Hope to see everybody around next time. Competition is getting hella fierce up here now.

Gs mandel.

Nelson/Cole are 2 of the most respected players and its good to see them on that sf4

The Jason Nelson up here isn’t the same Jason Nelson/xrolento you’re thinking of. This is a different dude.

Oh wow lol well i think i got Cole right:china:

Congrats btw

Thank you sir!

The top 8 were recorded, I’m not sure when those matches are going online. I think the finals were partially recorded as the tape I think ran out or something like that =/.

Nice one Mandel!

Mandel’s that dude!

lol sanford that shit triped me out too when i first met the Seattle Jason Nelson. Im like man there are two of you wtf!!! lol

Good tourney, next time we will have 3 to 4 set ups and will try to start by 8 so we can finish in time. We had a beasting 30 heads…good shit =D