03/07/09 - Play N Trade SFIV Tournament Results and Shoutouts Thread

Full Results will be up by Tuesday Night along with a few videos. But Top 3 goes as follows:

SFIV Singles (47 participants)

1st - Peter aka FlashGay (Ryu,Gief)
2nd - Jabel M aka black omen to my joystick lol(Chun-Li)
3rd - Richel aka Mr. Im too good for HDTV(Sagat)

SFIV 2v2 Teams(9 Teams)

1st - Flashgay/Richel(Split)(Ryu and Sagat)
1st - Jabel/Andrew(Split)(Chun-Li and Blanka)
3rd - Louis and Chris C(Double Fuerte’s for yo bitchassness!)

I would like to thank everyone on coming through and show mad support for the S.Florida community.

Now few things:

1st, I deeply apologize for all the mishaps in the start of the tournament. The Control issues was a main part of the issue but we figured a solution that will be used on the next tournament. Also I would like to apologize on the speaker issue. Yes I did tell them about that situation and im sure it will not be a problem next time for you guys. Trust me.

Now on to some real talk shit.

Next date for our new production will be on April 25th 2009. there will probably be a couple of more TV’s so yea. And there will be more to the staff that will provide more needs(XBOX with all characters, Chairs etc)

There will be a HUGE announcement on that day as well which will possibly put FLORIDA on the map. So stay tuned.

There will a new podcast coming up for the S.Florida community which will involve interviews with gamers around the area. News and events, and live coverages of local tournaments.

So yea thats about it now. Check out videos by Wednesday on da Tube. Once again We would like to thank everyone that showed up.

I will post the event Later tonight.

See some of you guys at Final Round next weekend.

And see you all again on April 25th.




ggs to everyone at the tourney. that one pad ryu player was the bane of my existence. if he hadn’t beaten twice i woulda handled richel. o well next time.

GG’s to all who showed up. I’ve seen enough wake up ultras to last me a while.(’~_~)

Edit: You guys need to fix that wireless controller problem. Someone was interrupting matches with the Xbox guide button. I don’t want to make excesses for losing my second match but getting stopped during my rush down didn’t help. :frowning:

I’m bringing a CRT to the next one just for me to play my matches :arazz:

GG to everyone. I wasn’t fully prepared against Bison or C. Viper. I’ll make sure to step up my game for next time.

Wow, good shit. Had I not been sick, I would’ve gone.

stop letting flash win guys