02/27 Seattle SFIV Results

18 people

1-Jason Cole “A-Dhalsim”-Balrog, Dhalsim, Bison
2-James Siew “Peachy”-Blanka
3-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Bison, Rose, Chun
4-Evan Wenzel “Rairu”-Balrog
5-Frank Caraan “Frankdadank”-Bison
5-Kyle Chow “kchow_xlr8”-Rufus, Sagat
7-Rick “RickClops”-Seth, Honda
7-Jamie Fry “Kuenai”-Bison

When I say “Street” you say “Fighter”, STREET!

Thanks to Zach for allowing us as always to run tourneys at his house twice a month. This tourney was pretty dope, started kinda late though =/. Matches were recorded.

Random Highlights:
-While RickClops fought XTG in a Seth vs Gief match. “I bet if Gief ultra’d his ass he would die and he has 75% right now, I’m tryna see that shit”-Frankdadank. Then not even five seconds later, Gief lands ultra and Seth died from it. Shit was fuckin hilarious.

-Cole was knocked into losers early by Peachy, but then came through the losers like a beast. Good shit. He won the finals sets 3-1, 3-1.

-Peachy hitting Chris in the face with a pie, literally.

-Wenzel’s Pretzels, beasting. Good shit man.

Next tourney won’t be until March 20th though =[. So in the meantime, everybody practice up!

Am I destined to get 5th everytime. Is Kyle destined to get 5th everytime?

Evan used Balrog and Rose. Seth beats Balrog for free.

Peachy’s timing is inhuman!

jamie’s at this tournament? good job placing 7th. where’s mike on this one?

Wensars stop beasting.

I was in the hospital buddy :frowning:

You are fucking hilarious buddy

The vids should be online by tonight. It’s 2-3GB of footage so it simply takes a while.

This is the playlist:

Note that grand finals set 2 will be delayed because I have to encode those still. Everything else is already uploading.

shit sorry to hear man, hope u come back winning the next one! :nunchuck:

There has been a growing Street Fighter 4 scene in the Western Washington area. Right now it’s made up of a few melee/brawl players turned Street Fighter along with some Guilty Gear/MvC players turned Street Fighter mixed with the some people who’ve been playing Street Fighter for years.

We recently held a mini tournament and about 19 people entered. The next will be at Gameclucks in Lynnwood and they expect to have people coming from Idaho and Oregon. It should be pretty big, and with a $10 buy in, you are looking at some serious cash (at least serious to broke people like me lol)

Date: April 5

Place: GameClucks Lynnwood

System: Sadly, x-box 360. (although I am working on convincing them to use both PS3 and X-box

More info: http://allisfighter.com/ttournament.aspx?id=5138

It’s kind of nasty of you to advertise your tournament within another results thread like this…I used to live in Lynnwood and also used to go to gameclucks quite often (as gross as that sounds) and support your efforts to advertise your tournament. However if you would have clicked the Northwest forums in the match making discussion, you would have seen that we have a fairly strong and organized scene going for us…

It would have been best if you had actually advertised your tournament there. Ironically enough, I wouldn’t mind going back to my home town and winning some money at this tournament…you can add me to your list and tell all your buddies that I’ll be there to win the tournament.

This isn’t MY tournament, I’ve just been trying to get more competition at the local tournaments I plan to attend. I feel it would be best to bring the Street Fighter community together so we can get a strong competitive scene. it’s just extremely hard to find a thread that Seattle players will actually read due to the poor organization of this site. But now that I’ve been informed of a WA thread I’ll just post there next time.

just curious if this tournament still happening on the 20th, and if so where?

Yes, thread.