02.16.05 - 949 Invitational Round Robin Results

1st place - Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago - Team Clockw0rk
2nd place - Jay “ytwojay” Son - Team FAQ, Team Row, MSP, etc.
3rd place - Wes “Blockable Laser” Matsui - Santhrax, Team Neofiend
4th place - Todd “Todd vs Todd” Jenny - MSP
5th place - Tim “Wenzo” Wen - Team Clockw0rk
6th place - Justin “JustinK” K - Team JustinK

Clockw0rk blazed through the tournament, losing to nobody. Apparently he wasn’t playing FFXI- he was secretly training for Evo2k5.

Clock tells you exactly what he’s going to do in a match.

JustinK really wanted 4th place, but nothing beats rock. Sorry, JustinK.

Sent/Strider/Doom is still team Clockw0rk. Sorry, Tim.

Pizza and Apple Juice are dope. Brown Doom is not.


Brown Doom > *

I still believe there’s hope for Wentinel’s s/d.

any vids of this tourney??


clock sucks

Lol D: