02/06 random select mikado round robin


'grats axel! :rofl:

1st - axel - w/ random/guile
2nd - paul & dan - w/ random/dictator
3rd - jamie - w/ random/chun
4th - elias - w/ random/dhalsim
4th (tie) - pablo - w/ random/zangief
5th - vince - w/ random/claw
6th - brent - w/ random/claw

Gief must get stronger. We must overcome the odds.

Pablo, go back to Boxer and play gay again. Otherwise I’m gonna start calling you Baby Bash.

lol! I wanna play some st dammnit! lol!

I wish i was there for this round robin.

My Boxer always manages to get kicked in the chest no matter what I do.

Gief was pretty cool. I’m gonna have to learn how to play against him now, I guess. That green hand scares me. Blocked green hand into 360 scares me even more. Too bad you didn’t get that stuff off often.