02/01 Seattle MvC2, ST, VF, T5 DR results

MvC2, 13 people

1-Jason Mar-Sentinel/Storm/Commando +10
2-Danny Hwang “dann”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel +7
3-Zach Robinson “Preppy”-Mega Man/Cable/Tron +5
4-Evan Wenzel “Rairu”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel +3
5-Nolan Deits “Nolander”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel +1
5-Kyle Chow “kchow_xlr8”-Magneto/Cable/Psylocke +1
7-David Alvarez “DAWOLF”-Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops
7-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Storm/Sentinel/Cable

ST, 22 people

1-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Chun Li, O.Sagat +10
2-Keith Huang “doughboy”-Vega/CLAW +7
3-Alex Kelly “Axel Kelly”-Guile +5
4-Josh Rey “JTM”-O.Sagat +3
5-Eddie Ignacio “EBM”-Balrog/BOXER, Dhalsim +1
5-Julian Blake “Airthrow”-Balrog/BOXER, Honda +1
7-Pablo Basilio “Pablo_the_Mex”-Zangief, Ryu
7-Paul Lee “MyNameIsPaullee”-M.Bison/DICTATOR

T5 DR, 17 people

1-Ngan “Nganfiction”-Anna, Nina
2-Eddie Ignacio “EBM”-Raven, Bryan
3-Robert Plummer “Zigmover21”-Marduk
4-Jesse Stafford “Super Joe”-King, Jack 5
5-Josh Rey “JTM”-Eddy, Devil Jin
5-Jeff Surek “RouletteDares”-Wang
7-Mandel Scott “Deezo”-Julia, Feng
7-Kyle Chow “kchow_xlr8”-Paul

VF results, surprise surprise! I don’t know the results for this as these brackets were taken as well without me getting a chance to copy them down. Whoever has them, feel free to pm me with the results so that I can place them here along with the points cause yeah.

I will update this post with the point totals once I get the ST results.


-Danny was beasting. Good job on getting 2nd buddy.
-Someone should help me get good at Marvel again hahah. I can’t play it anymore jeeez.
-Major props to DA-WOLF! For placing 7th. Savage master.
-GGs to Keith in the ST Grand Finals. It was a really really gross set, but good games nonetheless.
-Alex needs to stop losing to me like a bum. Cmon!
-Speaking of Alex, his match against JTM needs to hit the internet so fast.
-EBM is buff in ST. Damn.
-Super Joe vs Robert was easily the best/funniest Tekken match of the night.
-I fell in love with a stripper.
-Every tourney had more participants than Marvel, and I’m about 99.9991% that it’s because of the entry fee being five dollars. In fact, I think ST had nearly ten more people than Marvel did and we’re in fuckin Seattle. What happened?

Yeah, it’s because it’s five times as much as the other tournaments with five times as harder competition to crush.

As much as that awful loss to Dann was probably the most frustrating and stupid loss I’ve ever had in Marvel that pissed me off for an hour afterwards, I recognize that Marvel Justice was in action, since I beat Evan when I couldn’t super facing right. Fuck MAS, fuck Dreamcasts, I’m playing Dann on the cabinet next time. :tup:

I was about to say something to Evan after the first match about how fucked up the stick was, but then realized that would be a bad thing to point out, since a “jump to the right side of the screen so Zach is facing right” would have owned me for free. :sad: Oh well, I got fucked against Dann, so: Marvel Justice. Nice work Dann. :tup: Sorry about all the stupid stupid shit that was coming out, I swear I don’t really try to do ground viper beams and empty jumps, no grenades, as a regular tactic. :lol: The alpha counter into Tron (off of a jump back attempt on my part) in match one was stunningly top tier. I wish I could have seen what the game thought I was pushing.

That was some top tier Wang action. Good work. :tup:

Dannnnnnnnn! Good stuff bra. Nice work.

Good games, everyone in the tourney. Sorry to hear about the trippy controls, Zach. I felt the sticks were a little off, and actually played everyone else on the cab up until you and Jmar.

Yeah, I thought you and I had had fun games on the cabinet, I felt bad that I just played so scrubbaliciously on the Dreamcast that you didn’t even get even get a chance to show off your new tricks and skillz. :smile: I don’t have a problem losing - I just felt sick that you didn’t even need to show up and I still would have lost that. :lol:

Fuck the people who kept changing sticks around and broke the Dreamcast. I blame them. :wink: Oh well- that Dreamcast is officially toast now and has been replaced. Now, just fuck Sega for making a POS console and fuck Capcom for not releasing a perfect version of MvC2 for the PS2 or PS3 or the Xbox 360 or some other console that doesn’t break down when you look at it funny. :lol:

EDIT: I bought one “new” Dreamcast, and I should be buying Daniel’s too, so we can replace our Frankencasts. :tup:

Can we get the full results from Axels, plz? I am pretty sure I am due 1 pt even after sucking pretty badly. :rofl:

Yes I wanna see how I placed

Does someone hav the full ST brackets please? I need them to update rankings

Who has the tapes and the brackets?

I am snatching the brackets next time if Keith doesn’t so this doesn’t happen again…

shit man, I just can’t do it :frowning:

I have the brackets at home, I’ll get them to the necessary parties asap

Shit, I was the only one repping dictator in top 7? Fuck, I made top 7!?!?! LMAO

I miss seattle :sad:

preppy good shit on getting 3rd with megaman vs top tier

fierce all day every day FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE, thems like mini rp’s

Move up here. Wasn’t that an option at one point?

Everybody always says they’re moving up or visiting, but you learn that Marvel players are liars after a while. :sad:

Thank you! Megaman did OK, but Cable fucked up a lot. Megaman is just too fun to play. I wish he was a little more mobile, though. =\

It’s pretty cool locally because you can tell people like Nolan and Dann and … everybody else are still thinking of new things and ways to get better. It’s cool to see people improve. I’m lazy and just like learning dumb stuff with Megaman. =)

LOL, I will come up and visit don’t worry :] Just need to make some more money at work!

Dan is fucking beast, he deserves that spot for once. I trained with him for 7 hours straight last saturday. He will be champion one day.