[01/30/10] Vancouver BC SFIV Tournament

You guys need to get on Twitter more often because you might sleep on some serious tournaments like this!

I’m kind of being sarcastic here guys and gals.

There are “other” games there as well but you don’t need to worry about that weak ass water!

I will be @ SS4 in Cali so I cannot attend but you guys can go skull fuck some people over the border. Oh and get your goddamn enhanced ID’s now! It’s not that hard and it takes about 2 weeks to process.


On it. And by that I mean I wanna go, who’s driving?

damn… dont have a passport or enhanced ID.

Funny, jan. 30th is also tournament wars…

It is? Well I did not know that, sorry.

^I don’t have a match and I learn a shit ton from the BC guys everytime I go up…I’m goin up for sure and I’m guessing Mike(hascookies) might…I don’t mind drivin for this one…If anyone else doesn’t have a twars match…sorry frank but I have to encourage people to head to this…much learnin to be had…and money to be won…

id might roll not for street fighter fuck that im going to BC for food bootleg and bitches

Oh geeze, I need to get one of those fancy e-license things if I want to go. I really should just get a passport sometime.

I might try to head up, if I do I’ll probably try to bum a ride from someone but we’ll see.

edit: Where at is the tournament, is it in downtown Vancouver?

There’s far better things to go to BC for than Street Fighter. Kriangkrai is on the right track here.

Yeah, it’s starting to look liek if I do go up, me and my gf will be there for a few days beforehand. Best dinner we’ve still ever had was this place at the Metropolitan, Diva or something like that. Amazing meal.

If I were to go to Van, I’d be visiting my friends in Burnaby and MAYBE come out to SF. I would need a Passport either way so a resounding ‘Not Attending’ would be my stance.

You do realize that the tournament was posted up on smashboards right? And not SRK? Do the BC SRK heads know about it? To me it’s almost like it’s Tourneyplay Canada edition. To me it seems like it’s more catered towards Smash than SFIV. I also don’t like that the more people that enter the lower amout of money 1st place gets.

If I hear there will be a solid SF4 presence there, I think I’ll probably end up hitting this up.

our tournaments always have a solid presence
604 sf4 is hype

Yeah I know the guy organizing it (twilight shadow) and yeah head to the 604 thread to find out details in the canada region.

The last one was pretty beast with a japanese ryu mirror grad finals.

Air vs Popojiro - 1/3

Air vs Popojiro - 2/3

Air vs Popojiro - 3/3

for anyone that hasn’t seen them

and here’s some videos from the tournament 2 weeks ago:

scrubydan vs Popojiro - 1/2

scrubydan vs Popojiro - 2/2

Yummy vs Popojiro

I might come out to this with my buddy who plays smash. I need to level up my blanka.

It’s good to see dan still playing :slight_smile:

hi all, my name’s brian and i’m the TO for the OV tournaments at UBC, i can mirror post my tournament listing on your guys’ region if you’d like or you can just go to http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=220313
for OV5 my main objective is to try to get reduced venue fees as i know that CVGA has been taking a hit on previous tournaments and have been using OV3 and OV4 to try to make up for the deficit.

Support that i get from out of town players would be amazing.

PM any questions as i do check forums quite often! Thanks, TS

If you’d like support from out of town, post up in these forums too! Last time I checked, BC was the NW too.