006-0612 SUPERSF43DEDITION 3DS error code

hi guys,

i have recently purchased a nintendo 3ds XL with SSFIV3D.

the internet browser does work and the nintendo eshop works too… however when i launch ssf4 and i try to play online via wifi… well, the game gives this error or something like this: error code 006-0612.

this happens when i try to join game sessions on quick match AND custom match; it does not ALWAYS happen, i can connect sometimes but it is rare…

what is this error? can i fix it? already tried googling for it but nothing actually helped me so far…

i’ve read MANY things about ports, dmz, open nat, tcp udp, wpa/wep key, static ip on 3ds and other things but i’d like to hear someone’s opinion here too.

thanks guys.

so… anyone??? i’ve read it was a common problem , mario kart 7 had it too for example, but how can i fix it? should i open some ports on my router, maybe? which ones? thanks.