Your opinion on emulators?

Do you use emulators to play older games? I know how some people feel about them, but I think they’re OK if the game you want to play is rare, wasn’t released in your country, or is otherwise hard to obtain.

Also, with emulators, you don’t have to go out and buy a console you don’t have to play games. You just need a computer.

No, just no

I only emulate on portable devices. I am one of the rare people out there who only use their portable devices AWAY from home. That said: Marvel Superheroes on the bus on my tablet, full speed, with a ps3 controller? Hell fuck yes to emulators. Until we can get these games on portables, emulate away. Not OUR fault the companies won’t give us what we want…like Capcom, who keeps ignoring the vita when releasing their arcade fighters on psn.

The N64 F-Zero on my phone makes me happy, as does the PS1 Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, emulation is awesome.

Also being able to play GBA games without the saves randomly erasing themselves like they did on every Castlevania game I bought for the damn thing recently is too good.

I have a higher opinion of illegal ROMs (burned to disc or loaded on special carts) running on original hardware, than original copies running on emulators that cut corners for stability. At least for the former, you can be sure that the game is timed accurately and looks/plays the way it’s supposed to.