Yoon's thread - pelican & innovation converters, sixaxis, ps1 prehacked & agetec

Hi all,

got more stuff for sale.

First up, I have two pelican ps2-ps3 adapters for sale. They are USED but in GREAT condition (I barely used these). I’m selling for 40 + 5 dollars shipping, or both for 80 SHIPPED. SOLLLLLDDDDDD

Second, I have two ps2-dc innovation converters. 35$ + 5 dollar shipping, or both for 70 shipped. ONE SOLD ONE AVAILABLE

Third, I have sixaxis controllers, NEW IN BOX. I have a couple of these. 30$ + 5 dollar shipped each. 2 for 63$. ONE ON HOLD.

Fourth, I have GENUINE SONY DUAL SHOCK PCBS, prehacked. I have a few of these. No quick disconnects, just wires and pcb. 25 + 5 dollars shipping. Combined shipping is available. Here is an example of my work.

Fifth, I have a stock agetec stick in very good condition that was made to work with PS1 DUAL SHOCK and DC. Everything works great on this stick. SIZZOLDDDDDDDDDDDDD 60+shipping OBO. Genuine SEGA vmu 8 extra dollars.

Sixth, I have a fat PS2 in good condition. Comes with network adapter and memory card. Comes with 1 dual shock2 controller. $100 + shipping. Can also throw in a 160GB new compatible HD for 40 extra dollars. Can throw in extra goodies for more $. (More dual shock 2 controllers, ps1 discs, etc.) FEET NOT INCLUDED… unless the price is right.

Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3. MINT CASE AND DISC. I seriously played this shit for 30 minutes and was like “fuck thiz noize.” yours for 25 Shipped. No manual for some reason.

THX and GOGOGO! PM me for any questions or if you are interested. I accept paypal. First PM first served. Local meet up A-OK! Best offer also accepted, but if you lowball me, I won’t even dignify you with a response.

THX <3<3<3

Hey i am really interested in buying one of the Sixaxis controllers Is paypal all you except? And also could you reserve for me?

Paypal is all I accept. Let me know if you’re still interested.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: @ VF5


I am still interested… hmm How long can you hold this for i am a server and the weekend is when i get the most $$$$$$

PM sent regarding the pelican ps2-ps3 converter and dc innovation converter.

I’ll take the Agetec. Sent PM. (btw, NICE FEET) xD



Payment sent.

bump for the man

My face hurts now. :rofl:

I have sixaxis controllers, NEW IN BOX. I have a couple of these. 30$ + 5 dollar shipped each. 2 for 63$

I’ll take either one or both now if possible.


He shipped my Agetec stick Monday and I just got it today which is a Friday. (5 days!! it was supposed to be 6-10 days too)
It got here in perfect condition and the packaging was huge man! :lovin:


Thanks yoon and SRK!

Shit sorry i didnt let you know but the one you had on hold for me take off i have to use my money for my upcoming stick mod. Thanks So sorry!