Yeah thanks for nothing madcatz

I sent in my stick to get repaired, and they sent it back and didn’t fix it. All the buttons work, except for the actual stick. I can’t move up,down,left right. Has anyone else had an issue like this? I thought it was strange how they sent me my stick back, without any kind of paper work, like work done to it or things of that nature.

Don’t know if you already tried but make sure your slider is set correctly

Your 5 pin connector is probably just loose. Check that also.

Well I don’t want to open it just yet because i’ve really never messed with this type of stuff before but, they’re going to hear some shit from me on monday morning. If i have no other alternative I guess i’ll just have to figure out how to repair it myself. I’ve been wanting to customize it to my liking anyways. I think the stick is a bit too short, does anyone know where they sell a the actually stick thats a bit longer than this?

Turbo Box; set Switch to DP, not LS or RS.

Not sure why I was negged for this, I didn’t see any other threads about madcatz not satisfying their customers. So to the neggar you can lick my scrotum, =) good day sir

this remedied the situation I appreciate your input, you have no idea : D

This thread makes baby jesus cry.

I think there needs to be a sticky for sticks being set to the D/DP setting before making “omg halp” posts. I’m sure it’s in one of the stickies already up there, but god damn.

this appears to be another redundant thread. perhaps that’s the reason why you got negged at the first place for not using the search function. :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes you wonder if it was broke in the first place…

hahaha, dumbass.