Yang's Damage Increase Glitch

So far I have tested it on Vega and what happens is if you use Fierce Mantis Slashes and FADC in to Ultra or another Mantis Slash it will go up to 110% semi permanently. I will post a video showing it in action. It looks like most of the other characters it only effect them in mid combo.

If this is known already please delete this thread.

interesting…looking forward to seeing this video or heading in training mode myself and see the results

Vega will take 110% damage whenever he isn’t wearing his mask.

I was about to say, this is the reason you see the increase.

I have seen wonky numbers like 66% or 71% also. When I do Slash into Ultra 1 it does the weird numbers unless its not always 80 - 70 - 60 and so on. Also the damage went as high as 116%

Your gonna need to show some video.

You’re likely seeing strange numbers because of health damage scaling and combo damage scaling working together.