Xanadu Monthly Baltimore MD Sept 11th 2010: Xanadu Sky Trap

XANADU BALTIMORE MD MONTHLIES @ Xanadu Games September 11th 2010

September Monthly @ Xanadu Games Baltimore MD

**Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21227

Stream: www.justin.tv/xanadugames

Xanadu Games

**1PM Signups
2PM Prompt Start Time
Venue Fee: $10
Payouts: 60/30/10

This is Baltimore MD monthly for fighting games at Xanadu games. The best players from MD/VA all come to Xanadu Games to test their skills. As usual we will be having New and Old games for every player at XG.


$10 Games
SUPER Street Fighter 4
System: PS3 [EVO Standard]

$5 Games
Tekken 6: BR
System: PS3 [EVO Standard]

Melty Blood : AA
System: PS2

$2 Games
Arcana Heart 3
System: EXAMU Ex-Board

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
System: Dreamcast

Capcom Vs. SNK 2
System: PS2

Guilty Gear: AC
System: PS2

Marvel VS Capcom 2

Chaos Breakers
System: PS3

Street Fighter Third Strike
System: PS2

Free Street Fighter Alpha 2 By Dikrodnum Totally FREE PEOPLE
System: TBA


  • All games are best 2 of 3 matches. Winners/Losers Finals and up are 3 of 5.
  • SSF4, HD Remix, GG, and MB matches are best 2 of 3 rounds. T6 is 3 of 5.
  • Time for all games will be their American tournament standards. (No infinite time.)
  • In-game macros allowed
  • Winners must keep the same character for the next match; Losing player may switch.
  • HD Remix: Akuma is Banned.

Prizes will be rounded to closest dollar / five dollar amounts depending on pot size.

Lagless HD setups, plenty of food options, and the best competition in the area. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. See you there!

Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd
Baltimore 21227 MD


I like the way Sky Trap sounds

Thank you sir. I should be attending yours this month also so i can see whats up down there.

sounds good! I’ll be there tonight to freshen up!

Ill most likely be there for that 3s and etc.

Freedom’s Beatings

Himm I like that Pat.

Lock in added to this event people.

All nighter? Godlike.

Btw when’s the lock in? Is it the same day as the tourney or the night before? If it’s the night before do you have to pay the venue for friday then again for saturday? If so, I don’t like it.

Well the way how lock-in’s work sir, you come to the venue the night before play all day at a smaller fee. This helps out of state people plus people that want to get ready for the next day of serious business. It would be in your favor to come to the lock in sir so you can hang out and play to have your game ready for the tourney.

if i were to take a train down could anyone pick me up for this ???

i believe the greyhound to downtown baltimore would be closer

I’m making sure I am in for once.

Do you know what Train station you’d be arriving at? I could probably pick you up if needed.

this is the all american tournament on an all american date. Someone has to play USA boxer.

they should make a taliban fighter. ide main him.

They must use the voice from D. Dark “grenade”. Maybe an alt costume for Hakan? The barrel would have napalm or some shit in there.

idk i can find out also need to look at greyhound to see if that would be easier rugal b hit me up on pm if u got any info to help me out too directions and such

I want to run an A2 tourny with an pot being 20 for first and 10 second.
PS2 A2. I’ll have ONE PS2 stick to use.

Entry fee…Free.

I will bring a PS2 and Anthologies upto KGroove this coming Sunday…

EDIT: Will make pot bigger and payout for top 3 if enough people enter…

Kyle, Greyhound or train… either one should be easy enough for somebody to get you. Greyhound is one exit away, so it’s easier, but Amtrak isn’t too far either.

I’m looking forward to this tournament.