X360 r1 sf4 te losing charge, double inputs

I have a round 1 madcatz xbox360 sf4 te and recently I’ve noticed when holding a button (short) for zero busters it will randomly drop the charge and release the buster. I thinkit may be inputting twice sometimes too, which may be related. Is this a known issue, and is there a fix? It’s happening on 2 different sticks (same model).

try a different usb port

Hmm I’ll try that. Thanks! Have you encountered this problem before?

issue is there not always one cause to a problem, so it becomes necessary to trouble shoot.

You start with the easiest and most common causes and eliminate them first and your work your way down.
The Round 1 Street Fighter TE is known for having issues, including its printed circuit board or PCB. But because of the expense of replacing 2 PCBs from both Arcade sticks I don’t want to just say its the PCB without exhausting other issues first.

I understand that concept. What pcbs have the least issues at this point? What are the known problemswith r1 te pcbs? #Markmanpls

It has now happened on different USB ports and different consoles.

It’s either a bad USB cable or a bad PCB. USB cable is fairly cheap to pick up and throw in there if you just want to swap parts to see if the problem went away. I’d recommend diagnosing it first with a cheap multimeter, but not everyone knows how or even wants to learn how.

If not, the PCB is done. Personally speaking, I’ve had good results with the PS360+ board, but the Cthulu board also seems to have a pretty positive reputation too.

I have a multimeter, what should I measure?

1. your USB Cable. Use this link for reference. http://pinouts.ru/Slots/USB_pinout.shtml
2. Joystick Harness/ wires and your button wires.
3. Each individual button switch (pressed and unpressed) and if you can the 4 directions of your joystick.

What are the known problems with r1 TEs?

Are you sure it’s happening on two different sticks?
Have the sticks been modded in any way?

The problems you’re having could be caused by a loose connection on the ground line, which is common for all the buttons. Check to make sure that the grey cables which run from the main PCB to the terminal block for the button wires are well-seated and in good shape.
Check to make sure that the button wires are snuggly attached to the terminal block and the buttons.
Buttons shouldn’t fail all that quickly, but especially if you’re a heavy user or liable to spill liquids on the stick it might be the microswitch.

Yes it happened on 2 sticks. Mine is stock, my friends is dual modded and they both are doing the same thing.

I replaced the button in question already so it is not the microswitch.

Issues with Round 1 and Round 2 Mad Catz TE “Fight Sticks”

For Xbox 360 TEs
Take a look at your PCB. if your PCB is labeled as REV A, you have a poorly made and faulty PCB. Rev B you will be fine.
http://www.phreakmods.com/products/teasy-strike (scroll to the end of the article)

For PS3.
Because of USB protocol encoding or rather the kind of encoding use, The PS3 version of the TE has issues operating on PCs with Non-Intel USB controllers chipsets.
I am not sure if this is limited to AMD chipsets or this is all Non-Intel.

Newer versions of the Mad Catz TE fixed any issued the Round 1 and Round 2 had.

I have a rev b. I’m going to do some more testing.