X-arcade sticks. Anyone here has one?

I’m still looking for a good solution here to having a quality stick at a decent price that would be compatible with both PS3 and 360. I have read everything about the Paewang as well as different PCBs and adapters. It seems that the X-arcade stick with the proper adapters would be the answer to all my needs.

Anyone here has any experience with them?

There’s already plenty of threads that have discussed the X-arcade, just use Google the next time you want a simple question answered.

For the price, you’d expect a stick that uses actual arcade parts, but it uses American style knockoffs. It is however very easy to mod with Happ/IL parts. It’s only worth it if you can find it used for very cheap and you absolutely prefer American style parts over Japanese.

Then there’s the input lag people have noticed when using adapters on consoles. Reps from X-gaming have shown up in these threads discussing the X-arcade sticks to try and reassure people that their current adapters are lag-free.

Now I actually have an old X-arcade Dual stick given to me by a friend with PS2 and PS2->PS3 adapters that I later bought for it, and I can tell you that I haven’t noticed any input lag, so X-gaming may have resolved the issue.

Just buy a MadCatz TE and have it Dual modded. It’s your best option. Heck, you can even buy one online, have it shipped to my house, and I’ll mod it for you, and send it to you. (you pay shipping). You can contact me if you’re interested.

They’re on sale right now! http://shoryuken.com/f177/7-20-7-28-mad-catz-comic-con-sale-%24100-round-2-20-30%-off-shirts-parts-more-244517/

Just buy a TE and get an adapter for use on the other systems! Problem solved. Do a google search they are there.

X-Arcade, while not THAT bad, is still not great by any stretch of the imagination. Even if you are fully comfortable with american style parts, there lies the issue of their PCBS, which have always sucked. Does not matter how good your stick is if the signal quality is garbage.

Actually the new adapters that they will be releasing soon are significantly improved from the failures of the past. The big issue is the fact that they use a converter for 360 compatibility but that is Microsoft’s doing. The PS3 adapter that I’ve beta tested will be released soon from my last conversation with Jeremy. Hopefully I will have some time to post up my lag test results with a proper write up of the new adapter.

As of right now, the PCBs are laggy as shit though. I played 3rd strike on ps2 with one and found parry more impossible than it usually is. It is kind of like playing online but in person.

My first uninformed purchase was the x arcade tank stick…i thought it was good but that was only because I didnt know any better! The joy sticks were horrible and the buttons were unreliable and add in bad lag with the ps3. I replaced the sticks, buttons and then put in 2 cthulus and its better but it still doesn’t get used…the TE is just so much better for me…

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'nuff said.

I gutted the pcb out of an old x-arcade stick, threw in one of toodles boards and replaced the stock parts with iL. Problem solved…

I’m sorry, I’ll do a site search next time. Thank you everyone for your replies you were very helpful.