Www.eightarc.com premium tournament joystick thread

Are you going to have a local spot in SF where we can buy parts and what not? Maybe do something with Gamecenter and Southtown to expose yourself to the scene already established here?

Hi BartStation. We plan on meeting with the crew with IPlayWinner on Monday at Dragon Lounge and we’ll be bringing some of our sticks too. We plan on attending Gamecenter this Thursday for their TNT and Southtown on Sunday when they have their tournaments. One of these Wednesdays, we plan on going to San Rafael’s Starbase in the North Bay too. Hope to see you there!

Talked this over with Kyle. We’re giving these guys a pass for now seeing as they essentially are Qanba.

@eightarc I participate in all those venues (Starbase/TNT/Dragon Lounge/Southtown) and would be willing to help advertise on stream. TNT will not be running next week because the tournament organizer will be in Arizona for Devastation.

Thanks for the pass, d3v; Sorry did not mean to break any rules.

Cool! Looking forward to meeting you in person.

We’ve updated our website to allow international orders now! Now shipping worldwide!!!

Order buttons and balltops with your joystick now and we’ll install them free of charge before we ship out (while supplies last). Your 90 day warranty is unaffected by our installation.

I will vouch for eightarc. BTW, I also own one of these sticks. Good stuff.

I like the fact it doesn’t have a handle. BTW, I love my Qanba Q3 EMP & was thinking about getting one of the PS3 Onyx but wish it had a USB storage compartment. Oh well…

do the replacement buttons cost extra?
if they are are you guys going to ship out the old buttons as well?

Kind of digging the pearl. I’m up in the air whether to get another hori rap v3 sa or try out something different ;[

Thanks for the interest Dennis. Order the pearl, you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

Yes, the replacement buttons cost extra. We will of course include the original white or black buttons.

I’m really thinking about ordering the dual modded stick. I really can’t find anyone to do it for me where I live, so this isn’t really bad for the price. Will be buying soon!

Does the price include shipping? i went to checkout to see what the price would be and it took me to paypal right away with just the price of the stick.

No it does not. Once taken to the paypal page, there should be a box where it asks you to enter your zipcode, then it calculates shipping cost. I just ordered one, and I live in PA. Shipping came out to $20. On a plus side, though, it was shipped the same day I ordered it. I’m very happy with that. I can’t wait for this to come and to compare/contrast this stick to the Qanba Q4.

OMG I want the PS3 Pearl!
I had to get my friend to do a complete gut and custom mod to get my Wireless PS3 Q3 dual modded and wired(by using the USB charging port and cable as a playable plug):

Love the revisions on the PS3 Pearl and Onyx:
-New colors!
-Got rid of the indent and red pinstripe the Q3 had
-Side buttons look way better(flat/flush)

Hmm, just emailed Qanba’s about inquiry about getting a case from them, should just shoot you guys the question instead.

I am so tempted to buy 2 PS3 Onyx joysticks, but shipping cost is $75 for each joystick to Canada. I hope a Canadian retailer supplies these eventually.

Mmm, just bought the PS3 Pearl and I’m gonna dual mod it. I just couldn’t resist buying the pearl, it looks so sleek.

Eightarc, I got a question
How similar/ dissimilar your sticks are to your partner Qanba?
Any parts you use from Qanba?

Reason I ask because I wrote the buying guide that sticked here at SRK TT, and I want to add Eightarc arcade sticks to the listing.

Hi VoodooJD. My suggestion is to get some friends together to do a group order to save on shipping. Our international shipping tops out at $250 whether you buy 4, 5, 10, or 50 sticks. We are the sole supplier of these joysticks. If you have any other questions feel free to shoot us an email at info@eightarc.com

Thanks for the interest Darksakul. Eightarc and Qanba have partnered together a special line of joysticks. We took what we thought were the best features of all the legacy Qanba joysticks and put our spin on them. Qanba uses Sanwa and Seimitsu parts, and together we are producing joysticks.

If you’re looking for more detailed info on the joysticks like cord length, dimensions, weight, etc., there’s actually a PDF with detailed specs when you visit each individual joystick page on our website. I put those PDF’s together myself so they’re kind of my pet project :slight_smile: As always, feel free to email us at info@eightarc.com if you have any other questions. Looking forward to seeing an update to your sticky thread.

Any chance we’ll get an art template to work with for your sticks? I just ordered a Fusion from you guys, and am planning on changing the artwork, ball top, and buttons.