WTT/WTS: Hauppauge HD-PVR or trade for PS2 Stick+ money

Hauppauge HD-PVR - $200 Shipped
*Will come in original box with all original accessories. If you need them/want them I can also include HD X360 Cables, HD PS3 Cables, and an Optical Audio cable.

I have a basically brand new Hauppauge HD-PVR, I’ve had it since 6/24. It is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. I originally got it for 215 shipped.

The reason why I am getting rid of it is because I got it to record HD Survival/Tournament matches of Metal Gear Online, but I realized during recording I have performance anxiety. It got some nice recordings, the videos look beautiful.


K-World 1440 VGA-TV Box - $30 Shipped
I was using this to play my PS3 in 720p while i was recording with the Happuage HD-PVR, because my old Sanyo tv can only go 480i over component.

It allows you to play all systems and watch television through S-Video/Composite/Component connectors. It supports up to 1080i output over component, and it comes with a remote to navigate all the options.


if only i had the money for that hauppauge HD PVR …

are you hinting towards a trade? :smiley:

Sumoto works again with 2.8. :smile:


looking to trade for it now

anything else beside a ps2 stick you’re trading for? i’ve got a ps3 te im looking to get rid of.