WTS/WTT: Digital Devil Saga, Persona 2: EP, Breath of Fire 4 (PSX), P3 Junpei hat

Short version:

Sold: BlazBlue CT, Metal Gear Solid Essentials and Sakura Wars. - Jubei Kibagami
Unsold: Breath of Fire IV (PSX), Gantz manga (vol 1 + 2), Persona 3 Junpei Iori hat (never worn), Persona 2: EP (PSX), Digital Devil Saga 1 + 2.

First two volumes of the Gantz manga. Volume 1 was read once, and volume 2 still has the wrapping plastic on it. I’m a fan of the series and I’ve read most of the manga already, so I can do without the two volumes that I actually own.
I’d like to sell them together for $16 shipped in the US.

Selling a near mint Breath of Fire IV for PSX $30 shipped in the US.

I also have the hat that Junpei Iori wears in Persona 3. Never worn, $25 shipped.

Digital Devil Saga 1 + 2 for PS2. Box is worn out, part 1 was played briefly and part 2 has been opened but was untouched. I really don’t want to part with this set but I doubt I’ll ever get to beat it myself. Just to be clear, I bought the first game used and it didn’t come with an artbook. $50 + shipping.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for PSX, $60 shipped. Case has some damage, booklet has some wear on the side.

Harry Potter blurays removed, new stuff added.

BlazBlue CS sold to Jabaniz.

Sakura Wars for PS2 added.

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Someone buy my stuff already! :sad:

Looking for trades now as well. Updated first post.

Prices lowered…

Someone, anyone, please buy my stuff (as long as you’re in the US!)

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BlazBlue: CT and Sakura Wars are on hold for Jubei!

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Two PSX classics added!

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EDIT: MGS:E, Sakura Wars and BBCT are all on hold for Jubei.

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Persona 3 hat added.

items arrived today. thanks man.