WTS: various joysticks and other parts! WTB: MadCatz TE cable box

updated 1st post. still got stuff for sale, and still looking for gamerfinger crystal buttons.

Those damn gamerfinger buttons are impossible to get a hold of. I need one more white 30mm button and according to focus attack god knows how long it’s gonna take.

got the gamerfingers i wanted from a friend. no more worries forever!!!

still got other stuff for sale, gogogo

EDIT: looking for MadCatz TE cable box.

PM sent

is the JLF still available?

hey guys, i’ll let you know later tonight after checking.

Hello @TAUNT and @poisonmar,

Sorry, I’ve been getting too tired and KO’d in the evenings recently. I checked my stuff and I have what you guys want. I’ll PM you separately.

PM sent