WTS: Powder Coated LinkJLF's + PS360+'s

Hey everyone!

I’m here with a WTS for a specific purpose, to help get me to EVO without destroying my debit card. Currently most of funds are tied up in bringing the next project to life, so I figured I would open up a few hot items for sale!

First up: PS360+ PCBs
www.akishop-customs.com for more information, but if you know what they are chances are you’ve been wanting to snag one for some time. Get them from me before you can get them from any US based source.

[S][0] x PS360+ board, no cables only the PCB: 50$ each shipped for US residents.[/S]

Shipping will be done via first class mail unless you wish to upgrade, which will then not be so free but the base rate for priority/whatever you are wanting.

Second up: Powder coated LinkJLFs

My Link JLFs are currently only available at Focus Attack, and nowhere else but here will have powder coated variants until at least EVO.

Below are the examples, but here is the breakdown of what I have left:
[S][0] x Red[/S] SOLD OUT
[S][0] x White[/S]** SOLD OUT**
[S][0] x Black[/S]** SOLD OUT**
[1] x Blue Collar/Silver Shaft
[1] x Green Collar/Silver Shaft
[1] x Purple Collar/Silver Shaft

All the above are sold as COMPLETE units, meaning you get the whole package along with the colored top (bottom section and hex key). So if you had a Link before and wanted another, perhaps now’s a good time.

All Link JLF colored tops are $30 each shipped


No PP information will be posted, you must PM me. First come first served!



Phreak you got me right?

also Support this man!!!

Toshin - I hope to have more with me at EVO so we should be all good sir.

Pnoy Pryde - Replied

Pmd :slight_smile:

will u have enough for evo… cuz i would like to buy one from u at EVO…


Pm sent

Man those colored links are super sexy…:wink: fap-fap;) :wink: fap;)

Down to 2 white Links left… D:

i want to buy ps360+ do you still have it available? i can pay for it immediately


OK, just waiting to hear back from people who PM’d to give them a chance to answer up/shoot a payment. Barring any slackers, all PS360+ boards are sold out, but I do have some Links available still!

and I thought my photography skills were bad…just messin but here’s another pic


I still have a couple Links available. For those on the fence because they want them AT EVO. I will be there selling Links (powder coated and non coated) if everything goes according to plan.

sending pm

lemme get dat last black one


Got my White Link in the mail today, will post feedback once I install it in my White Qanba Q4 when it arrives in the mail later today as well :tup:

Installed the Link, works perfectly, looks amazing. :tup:

Hopefully if Clayton can make it to USPS tomorrow the colors available at EVO will be pink,red,matte black,Gloss black,Dark Blue and a special EVO blue So make sure you check them out