WTS Modding stuff, Ayanami Rei statue, Chun Li clock, Evo DVDs

$100 Amazon GCs for $100 SBux GCs added

Bezels and art added

pm’d for comic con SDCC artwork

I’d like to say that I claimed the SDCC artwork since I hit him around 11:30 this morning but haven’t had a response yet. =/

oh okay. yeah i’ll respect that. it’s all yours!

Sorry about that guys - long day. For the SDCC art - In terms of PM, Bad_Boy_Brazil was first, followed by EricThe Intern and bobacup. Priority will follow that order.

bobacup, it is an original SDCC art panel that I got from a friend who got it from MarkMan at a major.

Damn, as much as I thought I hit you up first, I can’t hate on BBB. When he sees something, he goes after it. Next time.

damn! i really want that art panel D: oh well.

Payment sent :slight_smile: Sorry guys but with tapatalk app on my iphone it allowed me to view SRK and respond/act quicker.Nice stuff if you guys have iphone and android devices.

SDCC sold!

Thanks it come out very nice :).


I kinda cant help but feel u ruined the Chun TE lol

I see what u did there, nice they are all very unique

Do you ship to canada by any chance?

You’d have to pay any extra shipping costs - PM me with what you’re interested in.

Stuff added

Would you be willing to sell some of the stuff from the modding bundle separately or do you want them sold all together?

I’d really like to sell them altogether but feel free to make an offer.

Price drops

Added 7-11 straws