Wts: mirror top hrap 1, hrap 2 sa, hrap 2

Im selling my HRAPS to anyone who is interested.
HRAP2 - $120 + shipping


HRAP1 MIRRORTOP - $160 + shipping


HRAP2SA - $135 + shipping


OR I can do all for $350 + shipping. I think a buttons might need to be replaced on some and the cord is slightly frayed on the HRAP2SA. I be glad to answer any question so PM away.

Are any of these modded in any way?

Nope there for PS2.

Is it possible to padhack a ps2 hori real arcade pro 2 -> Xbox one?

I’m… not entirely sure what you mean!


Padhacking being doable or not only depends on the PCB (printed circuit board) of the controller that you cannibalize. As long as there’s enough physical room to actually fit the PCB you want to use into the arcade stick cas you want to use, any PCB will work with any proper (i.e. microswitch) arcade parts. The arcade parts are just switches, the PCB does all of the “thinking.” The stick and buttons literally just have wires that run to them from (the right spots on) the PCB.

For what it’s worth, if you’re just wanting to swap an Xbox One controller’s PCB into an arcade stick, it may be cheaper for you to buy an arcade stick that has a broken PCB, or an arcade stick that has already been “gutted” (had its original PCB removed), rather than buying one that is still working perfectly well.

Do you mean dual-mod??

There are no “PS2 to Xbox One” adapters or converters right now, if that’s what you were asking.

Yes. If you want a dual mod you will need either a DPDT switch or an Imp. If you want just an XBOX 1 stick then remove the HRAP PCB and padhack your XB1 pad into it.

Ah I see :slight_smile: Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll wait for a cheapo xbox one joystick to come out and take out the pcb to replace in the hrap2.

So im doing a sweeter deal for $300 for all & shipping. Let me know!

PM sent

PM sent

HRAP2 sold

Do you have any idea what you would want for the two remaining ones?