WTS Madcatz TE2 USB cable/Pro Cables

Is the te metal panel still available?

Yup I’ve still got it.

Pm sent

Added a few things

Looking for sides.

@Bubbledotjpg te/s sides are available on Amazon right now if you’re still looking.

Any chance you can link to it? I’m not having any luck finding anything myself.

Those are TE2 sides not TE-S.


seller has it wrong but they are either TE or TES- not TE2

looks like clear green perhaps? seller also as TE green sides

Those are clear green, I have a full set as well. Pretty sure they were parted off the TTT2 for 360 stick, I don’t recall them ever being sold separately.

What is your price range?

I know that’s an odd question, but I have blue TE-S panels on a stick that I was looking to sell. I replaced the original foil red / blue panels on the MLG stick with the blue ones. I’d rather sell the stick whole than part it out, but it might be worth it if I can help with a hard-to-find part.

I wasn’t hugely desperate for them so I was thinking somewhere near the $25 or so range.

Added Madcatz TE2, Silent JLF and hitbox related stuff.

I didn’t realize ArcadeForge did custom panel layouts. That still a thing?

Should be. I did it probably 4 or so months ago. I messaged them on facebook to ask questions and tell them how I wanted to made and after that they told me to put in the order and pay an extra fee via paypal since it was custom.

Also price drops.

Few more drops.

Lowered some more prices

Sold Hitbox. Lowered prices too.

Added an ugly Christmas sweater

Do you still have the TE panel?