WTS: Cyclo DS evolution, Updated with pics!

I dont use my Nintendo DS anymore so I decided to sell it, so here is what I got:
Black Nintendo DS Lite, in OK Conditions, I dont think the screen is scratched because I put a screen protector when I bought it, I also have another set of screen protector so you change the one it has.
It has 2 stylus, and it comes with the box and manual and everything, the only problem with it is the the R buttons is malfunctioning, I would say it doesnt work like 3 out of 10 times, its funny because I play Ultimate MK 3 online and the R button works everytime, but with other games sometimes doesnt work.

Nintendo DS $65 Shipped OBO SOLD SOLD SOLD

Cyclo DS Evolution with case and USB adapter, the Cyclo DS evolution has the latest update and Cheat codes, it also has Moonshell a type of MP3 player for the Nintendo Ds. (MOD please let me know if its OK to sell my Cyclo DS here)

And 4 GB Sand Disk.

Cyclo DS evolution and 4GB Sand Disk. $70 Shipped OBO

or everything for $130 Shipped,




i want to sell everything as a package, Nintendo DS gotta go first in order to sell the Cyclo DS.

If anyone is interested ill post pics later, or let me know so i can PM you the pics.

If you got any question please post it here first so youd be the fist on line, and then PM me.
Paypal only and I will only ship to the lower 48 States. Thanks.

Would you be willing to sell the Cyclo just by itself?

if i sell the Nintendo Ds first, then yes, but right now i want to sell them together.

Okay, just interested, but if you sell the DS separate, how much would that set me back?

I Updated the fist Post for more info, thanks for looking.

Please pm pics.

Updated the first post with pics, thanks for looking.

I may be interested. System only. See PM.

man if you fix that button problem after buying it, it’s a steal.

hey man, no its not really a problem, i dont even know whats the deal with that button, because im always playing Ultimate MK online and sometimes single player and the button works, with some other games the button starts acting up, but its not like the button is not working, i know thats and easy fix but i dont want to do it myself :wgrin:.

and about the Cyclo DS Evolution is in Perfect condition, If someone is interested can PM me about details. and yeah the deal is a steal, if nobody buys it by friday the DS is going to Ebay and my cousin is going to buy the Cyclo Ds. so, go, go go go and buy it. :wink:

I’d probably pick it up if I didn’t already buy a slim from here 'bout 2 days ago. :sweat: Good luck with your sale. Ebay sucks, I know you’ll be able to sell it but, I just sold some stuff on there and they charged me 7% on everything that sold. I haven’t used it in a while and that’s a pretty large increase.

Nintendo DS Sold, Cyclo DS Evolution still available.