WTS: Custom Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Sticks

Hello all I have a Hori Fighting Stick Wii that is modded with custom art, Sanwa buttons, meshball top.

Not sure what to price it at but I spent about $40 for the stick, $40 for the buttons and balltop, and lots of hours putting it all together.

I was thinking $75 labor, so the stick would be $155 or $180 with a JLF installed.

Not really trying to turn this into a business, but I would like to pay off the money I spent on a dremel kit :rofl:

I can sell this one now. But if you want a complete custom one I can do that too for the same prices, I can also create custom photoshop templates for your stick.

If you already have a Wii Fighting stick and Sanwa Buttons, I can do the mod for $75.