WTS: Custom Box w/ Atomiswave Control Panel - $170 SHIPPED (last price drop)

I will be creating one last blank custom box specifically for an Atomiswave panel that I have in my possession (below). I will cater the build to the buyer’s requests for overall size, gem-cut/rounded, recessed/nuetrick holes, etc.

What you get:

  1. Poplar box customized to your liking with an acrylic bottom and rubber feet attached to threaded metal inserts recessed in the wood (no screwing directly into the wood!)

  2. The Atomiswave panel shown below, complete with card-reader harness

Visit my custom boxes thread HERE to see more pictures of my work.

I’m looking for $170 shipped to 48 US states with a delivery before the holiday. $85 now and $85 before it ships.


One of my boxes fitted with an Astro/Blast City panel:



One with an Impress Panel:


Bottom View:


if i only had the funds… someone buy this now!

lol how many of my boxes are you going to buy?

Yes someone buy this, these boxes are the real deal

droppin’ the price!!

sale pending…

Nice! I’m psyched that you decided to make this into a box. Still think you should put that ashtray mod together.

Lol. Maybe i can just invert that card-reader!

Deal fell through. Still available.

Last price drop. If it doesn’t sell for this, I’m keeping it for myself.

i wish i could send the other panel back and have this one

which one do you have?