WTS: Arcade Sticks (Xbox 360 Custom) and Sanwa Modded HRAP1 - (price drops)

This is a Lazeeya built Xbox 360 Custom Arcade stick.

It uses a Vewlix / SFIV Tournament Edition TE inspired layout. It has eight Sanwa 30mm buttons with quick disconnects so those can easily mod this further or replace buttons if they desire.

I bought this this a few months ago and hardly use it at all. So it’s technically Mint Condition. It has 3 recessed Sanwa 24mm buttons in the back for Start, Back, and Xbox Guide button functionality. The stick is a Sanwa JLF (Square Gate).

It has rubber grips on the bottom as feet so does not move on flat surface.

$170 shipped anywhere in US, I Accept Paypal.





This is a Modded Hori Real Arcade Pro 1 stick, I bought this off of SRK Member MastererBetty originally, The stick has Sanwa OBSN for all of the buttons replacing the original Stock Hori’s, The Stick is also a Sanwa JLF with a Octagonal Gate (I no longer have the original Square Gate for it)

The stick was modded further with a custom Plexi panel and laser printed art from Arthong

This was originally an 8 button stick, but I tried to keep this functional for tournament play, so the R1 and R2 buttons where removed for the Custom Plexi Mod.

I’ll include the R1 and R2 buttons (Sanwa 30mm OBSN) for those that want to make this an 8-Button stick again, (I will include the White Sanwa balltop that came with the original JLF, as the Red / Orange Balltop in the pictures was used for aesthetic purposes only)

When I bought this stick off of MastererBetty 3 of the 6 face screws were not included, I went to a hardware store and bought replacements to make the top panel seated more security. Only the top middle screw is missing.

$125 Shipped anywhere in the US, Paypal accepted.





Sorry for the low quality pictures…I don’t have a decent camera, so I did the best I could to show off the sticks.

Bump…Price drop.