WTS: 360 SE Full Sanwa Mod 80$ shipped

Not the best pic but you get the idea.

Works flawless.

Really? no takers?

priced a lil high, bro. TEs go 100-110 around here so SE with “full sanwa” for only 20 less doesnt seem so attractive.

^^^I just bought one of these on here for 85 (cosmetic difference) so I don’t think 80$ is too steep.

…besides I love this stick so I’m not in a rush to sell it.

78 shipped?

77 shipped.

Very tempting. Let me think about it. I just can’t stop buying sticks. It’s addicting.

^^^lol that’s how this one ended up for sale, I bought one too many sticks and am trying recoup some of the cost of that stick by selling this one.

pm sent

Is it still avaible?

I paid for it about 2 Weeks ago. Haven’t heard anything in over a week though