WTB: Various gaming console cables

Wii Component Cables (official only, unless you know for a fact it’s just as good)-FOUND!

PS2 Component Cables-FOUND!

Dreamcast VGA thingy-STILL LOOKING!

2 HDMI cables-FOUND!

Not really necessary but whatever: GCN Component cables

PM me or post here, I’m gettin’ me an HDTV and I need it all to look pretty.

I have ps2 Composite cables

I got two HDMI cables

Composite cables? If you want things to look pretty, you should at least get Component cables…

and I know a site where you can get them for a low price.

wait, composite cables are the yellow white and red, then i have those, so i have 2 HDMI cables ps2 and Game cube/wii composite cables.

My bad people. I mean component! I haven’t had a shiny new TV since 1999!

Component cables for the GC will be the hardest to find. They are rare. I got one a few years back. Think I paid $40-$50 for it…

I don’t really need it. If I get the Wii ones I can just run my GC stuff through the Wii.

Update! I now only need the dc vga thingy!

Now also looking to buy Dreamcast repair (if that’s even the necessary step in my case) in NYC or Brooklyn!

I have gc component cables. Still interested?