WTB: Modded PS2/PS3 controller....for Project M. (Please read for futher info)

Hey all;

I don’t know much about modding and I know some of you on Shoryuken know/are into a lot about it–so i’m looking for someone who can mod a PS2 or even better, a PS3 controller for use on Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Project M.

HOWEVER–I would like to be able to move using the DIRECTIONAL PAD INSTEAD OF THE ANALOG STICK. I purchased a $4 PS2 to Gamecube controller on ebay, and I currently use it to play Project M…but I feel as if I could play a whole lot better using the D-Pad.

If anyone knows of anyone who could do this, or if you know of any adapter(s) that could re-configure the analog stick mappings to the D-Pad, could someone please let me know?

Thanks a lot,


I can make you a project box that would run from a ps2 controller to the said project box which can feed a wire to the gamecube for you. I would be using an MC Cthulu so you could also run it on any of the supported consoles such as PS2/3, GC (and therefore wii but now Wii-U), PC, and others.