Would the MvC3 community be opposed to lowering the damage?

That makes players more XF conscious, not make it more powerful. In fact that’s argument for lower damage as it makes XF less braindead.

Without adding a paragraph of theory fighter, I’ll just say it’s worth a try. Perhaps I’ll have some sessions and see how it feels. It could be a side thing like Low Tier MvC2.

There’s a 50% min scale on XF? Holy hell what in the world Capcom.

Anyway I agree with everyone here - a blanket nerf just slows down the overall game [and if the XF thing is true, not so much for some chars], case in point a DHC glitch combo just barely kills a full life wesker, nerf the dmg and it wouldn’t at all. Which is fun for the whole family. MORTALS ARE SO WEAK

I think while it may appear to make XF less braindead it still makes it more important which is bad. I was in the lab doing some test work, I have a CKC Skrull combo that works on Dante, when damage is on low it doesn’t work on him. Now if I’m Skrull and I want to CKC Dante, it means I have to X-Factor. It means you are going to see much more offensive XF and less defensive XF which I think is a bad thing. It means the only way you will be able to do major damage will be to use XF.

I just realized that I voted incorrectly (“no” when I meant “yes”). I would be opposed.

I don’t see what could possibly be helped by tinkering with an across-the-board damage adjustment.

I play Zero/Dante/Amaterasu.

If I hit my opponent I build +2 meters with my BnB which allows me to DHC no matter what getting almost 1mil guaranteed. I think that’s a bit too high, but the only damage that needs to be nerfed is XFs, but that’s a different story.

Lowering damage setting also lowers the meter gain.

It wouldn’t make too big of a difference if the lowest damage setting got used. ToDs are still possible but require some sort of executional skill. The game would be much better with ToDs demanding execution above what my GF can do. I’m all for the damage being lowered.

Persoanlly, i like the damage as it is.
I mean, look at pro tournaments, some of their amazing games go down to the last second, and thats if they dont run out of time.
IMO, maybe the damage should be upscaled a small bit…

I’d like the lower damage I’ve always said that, I dont think that it would mean more time outs , even on the lowest damage setting you can still kill a character very quickly , and even faster with a good reset or 2

However the lower damage would make some characters with already low damage even worse , so unless that issue was kinda fixed it would only seprate the teirs just as much as it is now.

But I still would like the damage lowerd ,mainly because it would mean people need to level up and actually learn some decent combos instead of derping around with lmhs mmhs ,

I want some of what you’re smoking.

Storm could do a BnB and DHC into Sentinel and it was like an 80%+ combo in MvC2. so I think the high damage is fine, but the X-factor damage is a bit too much in combination with the health regen and all the other shit.

Actually increasing dmg would be a pretty amusing balancing, random excess aside which a cursory tweaking like damage adjusting would provide, since most chars already ToD already why not make EVERYONE capable of it. + that would actually reduce meter gain since the # of hits would be absurdly low. Of course the sets would have to become like best of 500 to ease out the randomness but hey, it’d take like 7 seconds a match.

if its a damage nerf I would hope xfactor gets it aswell

Just nerf Wolverine already.

No I would not be opposed to it because I enjoy thinking.

I think the damage is fine as it is, but they game is still really young, and I’ve always been of the mind to at least get through EVO before major changes are made.

i picked lets wait and see, professional players have more of a saying then i do.

Just tested some shit on low damage and lowest damage. Lowest damage is pretty brutal, but you can still ToD fairly easily with the right team. Meter builds wayyyy slower so playing on this setting would already be a huge nerf to phoenix. Low damage is still retarded, barely any difference.

Imo, the game would be better on lowest, but teams without DHC glitch/DHC synergy would be shafted and this would lead to a DHC glitch heavy metagame. You need to actually complete your glitch combos if you plan on killing something with the lowest setting though, and not that bullshit Wesker OTG> Magic series people are doing now.

Honestly, I don’t mind Wolverine and Phoenix being top or anything, I just hate how derpy they are and require no real execution to get a kill. Phoenix at least requires you to be able to block but both are pretty braindead to be honest.

I think meter building should go back to what it was in MvC2 and every marvel game before it…
filling bars by whiffing moves but, filling a lot less than now by actually hitting something, so no combos would fill 2 entire bars… I mean, magneto had to do a 25-30 hit ROM to fill 1 bar in MvC2… do this in MvC3 and you’ll get two.

That done, I think if you just give everyone a 25% - 30% health buff and that’s it… this way, everyone but phoenix would survive 2 basic combos (Phoenix could survive one basic, and would be dead to something intermediate or a simple DHC)

That alone would make xfactor much easier to deal with, would be MUCH harder for anyone to kill multiple characters even with xfc lv3
but get rid of damage scaling limit of 50% or lowering it to 30% or so with xfactor, or make it character specific like natural damage scaling, could be nice.

The problem with this proposal is that it would shift the balance of power towards
1)Characters with the potential for really long and drawn out combos to maximize damage. IE Dante/Zero/Doom/Viper
2)DHC glitch friendly teams.
3)Characters with good reset capability(Wesker)

In addition, reducing the damage is the same as improving the health of everyone. When characters like Zero/Magneto/Dante can’t be killed in one combo, the game becomes silly because they are pretty much on the same health level as those with more health(2 combos to kill) and given their tools, that’s pretty silly.

Not really a problem actually, but this will cause a big shift in the current rankings and metagame. I for one would welcome our Cyborg/Demon Hunter/Milf overlords but considering how lazy people are now, I doubt anything that will cause them to work harder could ever receive unanimous approval unless it takes the form of a new version of the game.

Only have invincibility frames on Wolvies H Beserker slash and make his dive kick only ground bounce in certain situations and the game is fixed.