WON MY FIRST ONLINE MATCH!(but something is the lacking...)

so after getting owned 20 times by a spammer, a ninja and a cosmic lord with cosmic lag, i won my first mvc3 online match (ff fanfare). But what got me cold and bothered is my inability to get in on even meele based characters. most of the time i was using ait trick to get in. but the question is, how do you get a keep away character to come to you

None of the characters in your signature have trouble getting in really.

Instead of trying to get them to come to you just rush them down. Use Wesker’s gun and teleports, use Zero’s air teleport, and with Deadpool i would suggest zoning but if that doesn’t work use his teleport, most people forget he has one. Also you dont really have any good assists for getting in. If you are still having problems pick a character with a good assist for getting in on the enemy.

my assist are mainly for otg’s and combo exts. i could switch to akuma and tatsu, but then i run the risk of being hit by a beam, changing to ryujin means that if i time it wrong then… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZERO. weskers gun is ok for me, it just works.

I wouldn’t worry too much about a beam. If the character you’re fighting has a beam, just be more cautious. Wesker’s gun can be good for setting up unblockables with zero.

gonna practice unblockables tommarow, about lag… not really that noticable, but what to do when it does

it’s about the player, not the character. you can be phoenix with 5 bars and level XF and still get raped
it you don’t block.

Use Wolverine, problem solved. Mixing in assist also helps.

Just to be clear, simply switching characters doesn’t solve anything for someone at the level where they are just getting their first wins online.

Wesker beat a hell lot of keep away character with his gun, against many of them you can jump up, spam gun, teleport down, repeat. And those keepaway characters with little horizontal control are helpless against it as you can spam more bullets. Zero with his charged buster too can beat some keepaway characters, but you are probably better off air dashing in.

Try using KillerKai’s Wesker/Zero/Taskmaster team, it’s a solid team for beginners. Both Wesker and Zero work well with Taskmaster’s horizontal beam assist.

but task master high level stuff is so… high level, espescialy the spidey swing relaunch. not only that, but he can’t self otg(well he can, but it’s super hard… or mabye i just need to practice)