Wiring Sanwa JLF to Mayflash Tips please

im all pumped and ready to mod my first sticks! oh yeah!

but one little thing im not so sure about

can somone show me some examples on wiring a Joystick (preferably a Sanwa)
to the mayflash pcb?

Maybe explain a way to do it?

this is the last question ill ask for modding my fight sticks
and so the circle will be complete!

pics would greatly benefit me!

this thread might help.

thx, could you get me more examples?

u know what, Would it be easier to just use a ps2 pcb?

i got a spare ps2 pcb, and a ps3 pcb

an now that i think about it, it would be lovley!

What more do you want, it shows you there???

Use this tread for anything else.


Nevermind since you didn’t take 5 minutes to look here you go.



I found that thread by hitting the search button up top then typing “Mayflash mod”. Give it a try :slight_smile:

im srry guys, im just not sure on wiring the joystick to the pcb, all these will help me though

and BTW i was searching how to mod sticks for months, starting with no knowledge on the subject.

i even taught myself how to solder. but i apreciate the help
srry again


i got my answer!!!
thx alot!!! and plus an extra ps2 pcb just incase!

ill post pics when im done!!!
in the i love my custom joystick thread

Best of luck buddy :slight_smile: