Why I think fighters have trouble attracting new folks to the hardcore crowd

I think you make a lot of good points, but I have to nitpick about one thing. Poking and zoning and the like is not metagaming. It’s just… gaming. The metagame is match-ups and player tendencies.

not really compared to other games out there, when games that came out around 2 years look beter than a new one it tells you something, o wouldnt deny that the game looks kinda nice, but its not as some people like to say

actually they are, in fact are that swallow that many would have dissmised mvc3 or sf4 if they werent 3d to begin with, since 2d is “outdated”

I can’t explain scrub mentality… As for what should be done, absolutely nothing. I’d rather have a game that weeds out the pathetic scrubs that have A.D.D. than risk making a game garbage so it can cater to them.

Do you really want ppl that Play COD and Halo in the fighting game scence? I for sure not, if a person can’t try stuff there self out or go in training mode to look things up. He shouldn´t play these kind of games.

That’s not what I see. People are of the odd idea that 2D games are easier to do than 3D. A Boy And His Blob had 80 levels, but because it was in 2D, people demanded it to be a Wii Ware game for 15 dollars. I’ve never seen anyone say “2D is so old” but I have seen many many complain that 2D graphics should come with a budget price.

This actually has relatively little to do with the genre in core terms so much as the fact it’s (almost exclusively) 1v1. 1v1 is fucking scary compared to team and FFA modes.

Well that’s what I have seen in my years of gaming. It might not be like that for everyone, but I definitely witnessed it on numerous of occasions.

He’s right. Duels in Quake and Starcraft intimidate the hell out of uninitiated players as well. A lot of people don’t like it when they have noone but themselves to blame for a loss.

Nice op and agree with most of what you say.
Had to give my thought on this. I think your idea of better online functions is good and ofcourse the netcode needs to be decent too. I also think the no introduction stance on recent fg games especially capcom made is going to turn people off.
Fortunately I got into fgs through retro gaming so the trial and error mentality was already cool with me.
Also, I hate the fake-ass “catering to noobs” thing, shortcuts dont help shit, I think they do the opposite making for unprecise inputs. I dont mean they should change it to SFII level but I think 3S and MVC3 striked the best balance in input leniency.
Also, somethings I had trouble when I started SFIV was figuring out why my light attack chains didnt cancel into specials. That was some confusing shit until I found out I had to time the jabs together precisely to link them so I could cancel into special.
Also I think some of the links in SFIV series are way too hard, 1 framers especially that reguire plinking to execute somewhat reliably. Nice going for a game that claims to be noob friendly.
Bottom line, fgs will never draw in as much players as fps, mmo and rts at least in a form that we define them. I really dont think games should be dumbed down or watered for the masses, good in-game tutorials are the answer.

I have also tried to introduce fgs to my friends who mostly play on pc fps, rts, mmo and such, I think the reason why they arent interested in it is the learning curve, you cant really learn as you play, also a big factor is that it misses the same kind of online community the genres they play, though thats probably just the difference beetween a pc community and the console community.

To me the greatest fighting game of all time that was able to balance advanced and new players was Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting. Amazing game that wasn’t hard to get into but still you had to master its technique if you wanted to play high level.