Who sells hori vx sa kai in stores?

I’m tripping out over getting my first arcade stick and can’t wait for shipping, does anyone know if this stick is sold in any US chain stores…like frys electronics…game stop? I’ve looked all over the net and can’t find the info I need. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Your best bet is probably a Madcatz FightStick in any US store. You might luck out a mom/pop game shop that also deals with imports. Beyond that, you’re going to have to scour Craigslist and/or just bite the bullet and wait for shipping from some online retailer or ebay. You could also check out your local chain store websites for things yourself :slight_smile:

I had checked best buy…fry’s, walmart, gamestop online and didn’t see anything signifying they were sold in-stores so i prayed maybe someone on here would know something. After checking out a few stores someone recommended I hit up this retro gaming shop and they happened to have 1 remaining hori vx sa kai. I feel extremely lucky :D. Glad I didn’t have to order it. Thanks though. Probably didn’t need to post this question as i was immediately out hunting everywhere for it >>’

National Chains - doubt it. The Hori V3/VX SA KAI is no longer relevant to be around in a national retail chain.
You have to try smaller businesses, your mom and pop shops, specialty stores, maybe pawn shops and thrift shops if you are lucky. Otherwise you have to look online.

Issues with these small mom and pop shops as they are local, the mom and pop Video game store near me in Baltimore is not the same mom and pop as it would be in San Diego.
Most of these smaller shops are specialty shops which caterer to to a niche that Game Stop and Best Buy will not. Regardless if its a import or a older/retro game.
Issue here is hoping the product your looking for its in that store’s niche.