Who is an easy character to learn in ssf4?

Haha you’re dumb.

Why would you call me dumb? You are so mean!

haha, nah I just read that post where a guy though you were actually calling him dumb. Made me laugh.

But honestly, all the legendaries/wobbufett in pokemon are rigged as fuck.

playing a character you can mash with is not ‘learning’. might be hella easy to get results with but you stand no chance of getting better if you’re just flailing your hands on kicks all game.

Play Ken or Sagat.

But make sure you buy a stick with turbo on it. Turn it on, hold down some buttons, and wiggle the stick. It’ll make the right moves pop out at the right times. You can win so much this way. A lot of pro players do this.

Lol OU tier Pokemon

@ OP If I had to start over, I’d pick Guile. He’ll teach you to make use of your normals, and the trades on his flash kick will teach you not to reversal every freakin move that comes at you. I hate to say it, but smart turtling wins games.