Where to check for continuty on hrap 2 sa pcb?

so i think i may have fried my hrap 2’s pcb.

long story short, the cord has been fraying all kinds of ways since i’ve had it, and yesterday it finally frayed at the connector to the point where it wouldn’t work at all even if i held it in place.

so i severed it off and stripped the wires, and started to put it together with a ps2 extension cord i’ve been using. one problem; in my fit of fatigue induced frustration, i didn’t realize i was connecting the wires to the polarized terminals that were used in the female connector (well, i mean, i was aware that i was connecting them, but the whole idea of electrical current was just not on my mind at the time).

so uh, i plug it in, sparks fly, and my ps2’s controller port is dead. i check continuity and resistance on the wires and they seem to check out just fine, so now i’m wondering if the pcb somehow survived that. i snip off the terminals, re-wire everything and try it with my 360 converter- no dice.

so i was wondering where exactly on the hrap 2’s pcb would be the best to check for continuity, since i want to salvage this pcb if possible. i love my big blue bastard; i want to put osbf30-rg’s in it soon, but i don’t know how well that fits in with the lead weights i also want to put in as well as a ps1 pcb if i can’t salvage this one.

guess a better title for this thread would be “wtb: spare, working hrap pcb”. :lol: