Where can i find online tourneys?

hey there. this is my first thread so be nice :slight_smile:

i recently got into street fighter and i was wondering where i can find some online tourneys? i just want to test my skills and to find good players which i could learn a thing or two, i dont know anyone who plays street fighter in my area or any tournements running here so i was hoping that someone here could point me in the right direction.

thanks for reading this and hope to partake in this forum more often :slight_smile:

i see that either this forum is inactive or that nobody wants to hear my cry for help :frowning:

You posted a mere 5 hours ago. Have a little patience, bro.

sorry. i get a little impatience sometimes and im used to quick replys in most forums i know

Where do you live? There have been guys in the past who are from heavily-populated areas that have a thriving scene that don’t know about tournaments in their own area.

As far as regular online tournaments, I’m not aware of any, besides the ones occasionally being posted on shoryuken.com

i live in london but as i said i dont know anyone who plays street fighter in my area

Spent about 1 minute in the World Section and found these 3:

And I’m sure there’s many more places you’ll find with active UK scenes. You’re in a major city in a first-world country. There is undoubtedly a scene somewhere in your area.

wow thanks. sorry i feel like a right idiot

It’s all right. It takes some getting used to the forum to figure out where good information is, since there’s a TON of sub-forums to thumb through.

If there any online tourneys, I’m sure the information will be posted either in the ‘tournaments and events’ section or ‘online outlets’ section. They’re pretty few and far between though, since offline tournaments are much preferred and are the community standard.

But I highly recommend offline tournaments, since it gives you an opportunity to meet up with other members in your local area who are willing to play casuals with you and help improve your skill set. Plus, it’s always cool meeting new friends who share common interests and hobbies.

i see. i get use to these forums eventually, just lots of different threads and easily side tracked

the only reason i said about online tourneys was because i never had an arcade stick (reason why is because im poor) and guessing most tourneys would run on a 360 which i dont have either, i have a PS3 and have only played on a PS3 controller

yeah. i would go but as i said earlier i dont know any street fighter tournaments in my area until now, i would go offline tourneys because there lots of fun as well as meeting new friendly people but just easier for me to find if it was online

thanks again for all your help

You don’t need an arcade stick to be competitive in tournaments. You can play just fine on pad. If need be, you can borrow a pad from the venue or from a fellow player. Most players are pretty nice about it, assuming that you’re a) a nice person, b) not an asshole, c) have good personal hygiene.

I understand why you want to go to online tourneys. They are way easier to get onboard with. I just recommend that people join the offline scene because I find it to be a much more enjoyable and positive experience. If you want to understand the heart of the competitive scene, it’s found in its offline scenes. Online tends to be much more about trolls and stream monsters and over-repeated memes and unfunny jokes.

yeah but the problem there is that if i got to a tourney and there using xbox 360 then i cant play since i never played on a stick or a xbox controller. the borrowing is not a problem since i am a nice guy and have god hygine.

i prefer to go offline because it helps me improve my skills better and avoid the casual trolls but if i cant find any tourneys offline then only other option is online