When two players agree to split the pot and BS their finals match...?

This definitely doesn’t work.

For example, let’s take MTG tournaments. In one tournament, the Singapore Grand Prix Qualifiers, only the top 3 players would be allowed to play. What happened? Two of the top 3 actually conceeded the match to their opponents, who weren’t even their close friends. Why? Because these 2 players simply didn’t have the time to go to Singapore. Instead of being “dog in a manger” they simply let the other guy win. The other guy, presumably, had some sort of compensation.

If a plane ticket were the prize, then likely if there was one player who can’t make it (due to, say, school) it is likely that he’ll just give the opponent the win and receive something else in return. it’s only when both player A and B want the prize so much will they not come to some sort of agreement – even then, the prize would still be likely be split. For example, winner gets $1million. Loser gets nothing. If you were in that position, wouldn’t you want to split the money instead of risking not taking anything home? $500K is still a lot of moola. On the other end of the spectrum, winner get $10. Opponent, a good friend, offers to split it. This isn’t so much about money as it is about pride. Would you risk your friendship over $10? likely, you and your friend will still play, then probably use the $10 to get both of you drinks later.

You simply cannot use an undivisible prize as an incentive. And the bigger the prize, the more likely you’ll find people splitting it, while the smaller the prize people will be less likely to willing to risk friendships.

There is no solution to this, other than to have the skill to actually win at tournaments, then be willing to risk taking home nothing and friendships for the sake of pleasing the crowd.

(If anyone is wondering why I’m vocal on this topic, collusions always occur in Magic The Gathering, which I join weekly tournaments of. It simply can’t be avoided, and is in fact considered an acceptable strategy in the last round of the semi-finals – I’ve seen up to 6 out of 8 people draw their way into the top 8 slots, then the top 8 players divvy up the prize. Other than suspending/banning players caught doing it, there is no way to prevent players from intentionally drawing or losing if they want to. And even then, they can always do it before the tournament.)

^The thing is this is fighting games. People don’t want to see 2 men just doing nothing. They want to see a match.Like what happened with Soul Calibur 2 in Evo where the finals where between bullshit characters.

If people wanted that, then they should have entered the tournament and made it to the finals. If the winners were using BS cahracters, then why are they the winners? Maybe, gasp, they know more than the audience? The audience can boo, yes, but ultimately it is out of their hands.

Let me put it another way: did you join the tournament to win, or to impress the audience? most tournament playrs belong to the former. In taking home part of the prize, they are already winners.

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about fighting games or card games. This is a competition in a league that isn’t defined by a professional, completely impartial governing body. Unlike, say, most sports, who can slap punishment for those colluding, both fighting games and card games have a small, tight-knit community where sometimes winning isn’t everything.

You have to have this:

  1. a gaming scene to be big enough to the point that the top players don’t know each other personally
  2. an independent govening body that doesn’t know any of the players personally
  3. a prize tempting enough not to split
  4. the ability to punish people who do split

Considering SF’s nature, this is next to impossible.

I’m not saying that they are wrong. But atleast let them have a real match. Not some game where clearly you’re just fooling around. I do share pot with my friends, but atleast I fight at the finals. My friends wouldn’t allow it to see me just pushing buttons…

It’s like seeing a boxing match wherein the rounds consisted of 2 guys dancing around never even throwing a single punch. Thats how ridiculous it is.

Also have you noticed that Evo isn’t a tournament anymore…it’s a convention. People go there to be entertained not to win anymore. Just kidding.

Because they weren’t using said BS characters as they worked their way up the ranks. Honestly, this is very much like Wong-whoever using MSP throughout the tourney till they meet at the end, then cheese dick the finals by using Hayato/Roll/Gief vs Thanos/Ruby Heart/Kobun. It’s a slap in the face of every other person they beat on the way up.

With regards to this topic, boxing has three big differences against SF:

  1. Boxers, win or lose, win something. The bigger the match, the bigger the prize. Its never winner take all.
  2. While boxers know each other and may even hang around each other once in while, its rarely the same as the relationships between SF players, who may hang around each other all of the time. Boxers may be friends, but rarely in the same level as SF players are. I mean, can you imagine them opening up a forum and letting it all out like in GD?
  3. Boxers have a governing body which probably won’t hesistate punishing members caught colluding. Not so in SF. Can you imagine banning/suspending Wong-whoever for fooling around?

Exactly. Now, what are ya gonna do about it? Not even S-kill had a practical solution in his article other than booing and heckling the players.

jump him LOL

If I were in that position I would take half the money and then wait for him to go easy on me and then beat his ass real good, and then run around the building with a flag doing my victory lap.