What happened here? (Akuma teleport failure?)

Okay, so I was re-watching the Cooperation Cup 4, and this was when Onanizuma’s Urien was fighting Uraken’s Akuma…

Onani had practically perfected the Akuma, got him knocked down in the corner with absolutely no life, with a PPP Aegis over his corpse. He dashed in, UOH, and then you see that Akuma had teleported. Urien dashed back right after the UOH, and BLEEHHHHH Akuma died.

Is it something to do with it being a PPP Aegis? I mean, I know that hits quicker, as in it’s like 1 frame, but I didn’t think it… hit Akuma out of his teleport. Does it? :wonder:

did he teleport backward? I can’t remember…

All I know is this- if Akuma does a teleport and at the same time you perform an SA, Akuma will stop the teleport

Nah, it was forward, it was weird as hell. I know that he stops teleporting if you start a super art, but… Hm, lemme watch it again.

Hmm. It can’t be a backwards teleport, 'cause the player wouldn’t be that stupid. :lol: He moves forward a little bit then for some reason dies. It’s not a whole lot, like a 3K teleport, it’s just a step’s distance. The Urien set it up like J.HP air-to-air, then reset with PPP Aegis, and a J.HP for the knockdown. Then he stood over him and bounced up and down (crouch, neutral, crouch, neutral, etc.) did an early UOH, and backdashed. He died JUST as he backdashed. Hm. I’m thinking it’s something with the PPP Aegis.

No, it was backwards.

Who said he couldn’t do stupid things?

Hm, I don’t remember back teleport moving forward at the beginning, but then again, I don’t play Akuma much. Hahaha, I don’t know, I figured he was competent since he was kicking some ass earlier. Even I wouldn’t do something like that under pressure, and I’m a god damned egg on it’s side when it comes to pressure. :lol: